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Israeli Army Court Permits Release of Nur Tamimi Palestinian Girl Filmed Slapping IDF Soldier




The indictment charged Tamimi with attacking soldiers. The court had already permitted her release, which has been delayed due to appeals by prosecutors
The military appeals court rejected a military prosecutor's appeal on Thursday, allowing for Nur Tamimi, 20, one of the Palestinian women who appeared in a video slapping an IDF soldier, to be released.

Nur was filmed with her cousin Ahed slapping a soldier in their West Bank village of Nebi Salah, which then went viral on Facebook.

In the decision to release Nur, the president of the military appeals court, Maj. Gen. Menashe Netanal Benshio said that he decided the appeal should be rejected, and that Nur Tamimi must "remain within the conditions of her release as imposed by the court, including posting bail and a guarantor."
It was further decided that Nur must appear each week at the police station next to her residence in Nebi Salah on Fridays at noon, until the legal process has come to a close. This decision was published without an explanation, which the judge said will be released in the future.

Nur Tamimi was indicted on charges of aggravated assault and for interfering with a soldier in carrying out his duties on Monday. She was arrested alongside her cousin, Ahed, and Ahed's mother, Nariman. Nur is the only of the three without priors.

Last Thursday, the military court ordered Nur released and extended the detention of Ahed and Nuriman. However, the court delayed Nur’s release until Sunday to allow the military prosecution to appeal the release. Nur is the only one of the three to whom the army does not attribute previous acts of violence.

The video clip shows which led to Nur and Ahed Tamimi's arrest shows the two slapping a soldier and trying to kick him, to provoke a response. After the first soldier she harassed did not respond violently, Ahed kicked him and slapped him. After that she approached the second soldier standing nearby and tried to strike him as well. Then Nur joined in and pushed the soldiers, while Ahed continued to attack them. The two soldiers did not respond, either by striking them or chasing them away.

Yotam Berger

Haaretz Correspondent
read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.833110

Israeli Army Court Permits Release of Nur Tamimi

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