Video Fighting to show the truth in Gaza



“I want to change my perspective, go and see different places in the world,” says Ezz Zanoun, a Palestinian photographer in Gaza.

“But global politics is really despicable and racist. … My visa applications always get rejected.”
In 2006, Ezz witnessed his brother Mohammad, a photographer, get hit by an Israeli missile that exploded 10 meters from him.
Mohammad was severely injured, but eventually recovered.
The incident motivated Ezz to pick up the camera and start taking pictures. He photographs Israeli assaults on Gaza, but also daily life, hardship and beauty in the Strip.
“Although we are tied up and besieged, and every day I’m personally affected by the siege,” Ezz says, “we keep fighting to tell people the truth.”
While he is grounded in Gaza, Ezz adds, “My pictures get to travel around the world every day.”
Video by ActiveStills.

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Fighting to show the truth in Gaza

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