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Rachel Corrie death: Israeli ruling bad day for humanity



Rachel Corrie has become the international symbol of bravery and justice. 

From a young age, she was an advocate for human rights. When she became a young woman, she was a volunteer for a human rights organization that journeyed to Gaza. There, their mission was to save the homes of the innocent Palestinian families from the wrecking ball of the Israeli demolition squads who were seizing land ILLEGALLY in gaza. She was murdered trying to save the home of a Palestinian pharmacist and his family.

Rachel's bravery will never be forgotten. Everyday, more and more people become aware of Rachel's work in Palestine and the positivity she left behind. Her parents have tirelessly been working for the last 7 years to bring justice for the shocking and disgraceful behaviour shown by the Israeli and American governments regarding Rachel's death.

I sincerely hope you will help Rachel, her parents and supporters by spreading this video and learning more about her. Please visit the Rachel Corrie Foundation:

“I don’t think that Rachel should have moved. I think we should all have been standing there with her.”

Those were the words of Rachel Corries mother when she after a trial was asked if she thought that her daughter should have moved when the bulldozer drove towards the house where Rachel stood, trying to protect it from being demolished. Those words embraces the core. It is the essence of the solidarity movement. Because the hardest thing for Israel to grasp is the inherent power of solidarity, even if they by any means including murder, are trying hard to crush it. It is exactly twelve years ago Rachel was murdered simply to scare others from struggling like she did. To frighten the rest of us so much that the Palestinians would be completely alone against all the aggression. But Her death discouraged no one. Her death didn't scare solidarity off. Absolutely no one. Instead her whole family today stand behind her demands for a free Palestine, and Rachel's mom answered without any hesitation:

- It was not Rachel who should have moved, it is all of us who should have been standing there next to her.
And that’s exactly how it is. We should have been there. I should have been there and I should be there now. In Gaza to witness the daily terror against the Palestinian people. To see and feel what people sieged, bombed and left in the dark without electricity are facing every day. In Issawya, Samer Issawis village to try to protect them from harassment. In Jerusalem, demanding entrance to the Holy Al Aqsa. In Nilin, Bilin and Nabi Saleh to protest against the Wall. At Eretz & Qalandia to document the horror at the checkpoints.
I should be there. I should really be there right now. Rachel Corrie is one of the many brave people who taught us the truth about Palestine, when the silence in media was as impenetrable as concrete. Much more, It is her strength, courage and ability to put into words the injustice she witnessed, that even murdered her, which still gives power & nourish and sustain others courage and will to struggle.
Rachel, Your body was brutally crushed and bulldozed to the ground in Palestine, together with century-old olive trees pulled up from the roots. Your body lit up by neon clothes was murdered in the most heartless manner. But your beautiful, brave soul urges us all to continue your fight. Your voice continues to tell people around the world what you saw, experienced and wanted to change. Your memory still inspires millions of people.

Rachel, Your spirit will never die and Your name will not ever be forgotten. For us because we harbor a deep respect & admiration for you. For your enemies because You defeated them beyond their reach.

We are all standing there next to You.

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