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Newsletter #035/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 15 March 2018his silent ethnic cleansing policy also incorporates the approval of an amendment to the so-called “Entry into Israel” law, which allows the Israeli Interior Minister to withdraw or revoke the status of a “permanent resident” due to perceived lack of loyalty. According to the report, the decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel
Newsletter #034/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 14 March 2018As a result many students suffered breathing problems while others had to flee to the adjacent mountains. Two students, Ali Abu Esnaina and Hassan al-Takrouri were taken to hospital for treatment. The school, however, was closed earlier than usual as a state of panic prevailed among the children.
Newsletter #033/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 09 March 2018he procedure was reportedly trialled some months ago as a temporary measure as part of the military’s regular surveillance of public spaces, but has now become permanent. The checkpoints now require all young men who pass through to fill out a form with their name, age, telephone number, identification number,
Newsletter #032/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 08 March 2018Nine Palestinian students were killed by Israeli gunfire, while 603 students, and 55 teachers and school employees sustained live or rubber bullet wounds in 2017, official sources revealed. Meanwhile, at least 80,279 students and 4,929 teachers and school employees were subjected to attacks during Israeli raids into schools or by being run over by Israeli military jeeps.
Newsletter #031/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 06 March 2018The National Bureau on Saturday published a list of Israeli Occupation and settler assaults against Palestinians over the last week. The violations included home demolitions and demolition notices, settlement expansion, bulldozing land, land expropriation, attacking youths and displacing Palestinian citizens.
Newsletter #030/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 04 March 2018Yoav Mordechai, Israel’s military coordinator of government activities in the occupied territories, claimed on his Facebook page that Tamimi, aged 15, had confessed during an interrogation session with him that he got injured after he accidentally fell off his electric bike.
Newsletter #029/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 02 March 2018Israeli army patrols rolled into al-Harika al-Kasara area, near Kiryat Arba illegal settlement outpost, built on Palestinian lands east of al-Khalil, and attacked the Palestinian locals with randomly-discharged spates of bullet fire, teargas canisters, and toxic gas grenades, resulting in dozens of suffocation cases.
Newsletter #028/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 28 February 2018They are protesting the Palestinian Union Government because of their ignoring the rights of its civil servants.
The Union of Gaza Employees started the strike today, Monday, 26th of February. A general strike is in all government institutions in Gaza Strip.
Newsletter #028/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 25 February 2018“We announce a state of emergency in the cities and municipalities of the Gaza Strip,” Hejazi said, noting services would be cut by as much as 50 percent. The only power plant in Gaza stopped operating last week due to lack of fuel, leaving the strip totally reliant on imports.
Newsletter #027/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 25 February 2018Israeli authorities intensified the expansion of settlements and related infrastructure across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and carried out a large number of demolitions of Palestinian property, forcibly evicting more than 660 people
Newsletter #026/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 21 February 2018“I think that the real president of the Palestinian people is the [Israeli] Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, and the Palestinian prime minister is the coordinator [of Government Affairs in the Occupied Territories], Poly Mordechai,” Erekat said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2.
Newsletter #025/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 20 February 2018In retaliation, PNN further reports, Israel launched a series of 6 airstrikes against Hamas targets late Saturday evening, including an outpost close to the sight of the original explosion and a tunnel in the Zaytun neighbourhood.
Newsletter #024/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 18 February 2018The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Thursday attacked Palestinian school children at Abul-Rish checkpoint in the Old City of al-Khali city, with no reason.
Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that Israeli soldiers attacked the students as they were going home from schools.
Newsletter #023/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 15 February 2018Palestinian journalist and prisoners’ rights advocate Bushra al-Tawil on 12 February 2017. Al-Tawil, 26, from el-Bireh, has been jailed by the Israeli occupation without charge or trial since 1 November 2017. Originally ordered to six months in administrative detention, her detention was reduced on appeal to four months; now, an addiitonal four-month order has been imposed upon her.
Newsletter #022/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 14 February 2018In violation of the provisions of the international humanitarian law, the Gaza Strip’s population are denied access to their property in the “buffer zone” in land while the fishermen are prevented from sailing and fishing in the “buffer zone” at sea .
Newsletter #021/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 12 February 2018MADA reported that there was a decrease in violations against media freedoms was recorded in January compared to December 2017, during which 89 violations by Israeli forces were reported against journalists (84 of which were assaults) during their coverage of protests against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem
Newsletter #020/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 10 February 2018Israeli soldiers attacked, on Thursday morning, dozens of schoolchildren and teachers, in the southern area of Hebron city, in the southern part of the West Bank, causing scores to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.
Ammar Jaber, the principal of al-Hajiriya School, said the soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs into the schools in the area, and around them, causing dozens of children, teachers and workers to suffer the severe effects of teargas inhalation.
He added that many of the wounded Palestinians were also rushed to hospitals for further treatment.
Newsletter #019/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 07 February 2018In a released statement, the OCHA acting Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories Roberto Valent pointed out that a Palestinian school in East Jerusalem was destroyed by Israeli soldiers, and added: “The demolition was carried out on grounds of lack of Israeli-issued permits, which are nearly impossible to obtain.”
Newsletter #018/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 05 February 2018Media spokesman for the Center, Riyad al-Ashqar, said that the Center documented 18 arrests in the Gaza Strip, six of which targeted fishermen while they were fishing off Gaza shores while the rest targeted Palestinians who were trying to sneak into the 1948 occupied Palestine through Gaza’s eastern border fence.
Newsletter #017/2018 KhamakarpressSent on 04 February 2018According to Israeli NGO HaMoked, the child, identified only as Ghada, was arrested by Israeli forces on 13 January for being in Jerusalem without a military-issued permit. At the time she was arrested, Ghada was returning home after visiting her aunt in Issawiya, part of occupied East Jerusalem.
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Armed Israeli soldier trying to arrest an 11 year old Palestinian boy

Armed Israeli occupation soldier trying to arrest an 11 year old Palestinian boy

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