Newsletter #141/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 13 December 2017Adnan, prominent political activist from the town of Arraba near Jenin, has been arrested 10 times and spent six years in Israeli prison, all in administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial. In 2012 and 2015, he carried out 66-day and 56-day hunger strikes, respectively, winning his liberation from arbitrary Israeli imprisonment.
Newsletter #140/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 09 December 2017Palestinian and world leaders warned Trump against making the announcement, for fear of instability and violence across the region, that is now expected to continue in the days to come.
9 injured with live ammunition
Newsletter #139/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 05 December 2017The offenses also included 830 raids, 188 travel bans, 24 property confiscations, demolition of 18 homes, with half of the number in Occupied Jerusalem. The number also included 22 storming operations into al-Aqsa Mosque carried out by 1,982 settlers in addition to banning two Jerusalemites from accessing the holy site.
Newsletter #138/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 03 December 2017violations of international law.
The resolutions were passed in the context of the UNGA’s annual debate on the question of Palestine and the situation in the Middle East.
In one resolution (‘Jerusalem’), “the Assembly reiterated that any actions by Israel, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem were illegal and therefore null and void”.
Newsletter #137/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 01 December 2017The bill was approved by a 9-7 vote in the Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee ahead of second and third readings.The bill to establish a new municipality in Kafr Akab and Shuafat is being promoted by Israeli Minister Ze’ev Elkin, who warns of the “Palestinian demographic growth” in occupied Jerusalem.
Newsletter #136/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 29 November 2017Israeli sources also reported that a plan advanced by Elkin to separate East Jerusalem neighbourhoods located beyond the security barrier has gained steam and moved from the legislative phase to the planning phase. It is likely to create another layer of discrimination against Palestinians and could see as many as 150,000 people living under a two-tier system with many services and provisions denied to the non-Jewish residents of Jerusalem.
Newsletter #135/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 27 November 2017A Palestinian child on Friday was proclaimed dead of serious injuries he had sustained during Israel’s military aggression against Gaza in 2014.
According to the Palestinian health ministry, the victim is 12-year-old Abdul-Hamid al-Zuwaidi, a resident of Beit Hanoun city in northern Gaza.
Newsletter #134/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 24 November 2017The new chemical laboratory established at the Gaza entrance began its operation in recent weeks, examining chemical substances.
According to the sources, lab experts examine a wide range of substances, using advanced equipment: gases, liquids, powders, metals and other substances – before the trucks carrying them are allowed to enter the Gaza Strip.
Newsletter #133/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 22 November 2017The PCBS added that Israel was still holding 300 children captive, facing bad treatment, torture and constant violations, spending their childhoods in prisons, without even the right to education. It quoted detailed data and statistics by Defense for Children International (DCI) confirming that Israeli soldiers have killed 14 Palestinian children, since the beginning of this year, until October 31, compared to 35 children killed by Israeli fire in 2016.
Newsletter #132/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 18 November 2017Some 6,500 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli jails, 57 of whom are women while 350 are children, according to the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs.
Newsletter #131/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 15 November 2017Israeli authorities intend to demolish a whole neighborhood in Kafr Aqeb town, north of Occupied Jerusalem, where 64,000 Palestinians, who hold the Israeli citizenship, live. Israeli authorities unveiled a secret plan, tabled by mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, aimed at demolishing six residential towers, each of which consists of 7 floors, in the town which is located outside the Separation Wall.
Newsletter #130/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 11 November 2017Large tracts of Palestinian land were seized and bulldozed by the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Thursday in al-Duhour al-Ra’awiya area in Salfit between the towns of Burqin and Kafr ad-Dik. Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the bulldozers also razed pastoral lands belonging to Palestinian farmers from the towns, without prior notice.
Newsletter #129/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 08 November 2017The IOF stormed al-Khalil’s northern refugee camp of al-Arroub and wreaked havoc on civilian homes, before they kidnapped two Palestinian ex-prisoners—Hamam Sweilam and Sa’id Banat. Both were dragged to the Israeli Etzion detention center. Overnight, the occupation authorities detained 24-year-old Sharaf Abu Bakr, from Jenin’s southern town of Yabad.
Newsletter #128/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 06 November 2017he Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested, during October, 500 Palestinians including 70 minors and nine women from West Bank and Gaza Strip, a rights group reported. Palestine center for prisoners’ studies issued Friday a report documenting Israeli violations over the past month of October.
Newsletter #127/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 05 November 2017Hamas Movement on Tuesday described the Balfour Declaration as “the crime of the century”, saying that Britain must apologize for it and compensate Palestinians. The Movement said in a statement that Britain must atone for the historical injustice caused to a people with existence, culture and history by apologizing to Palestinians and helping refugees to return to their lands from which they were forcibly displaced.
Newsletter #126/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 03 November 2017He added that Thiab even stopped drinking water several days ago to pressure the Prison Authority into moving him to another prion, especially since he was held in a very small, bug-ridden dirty cell, surrounded by Israeli inmates, held for criminal offensives, and continuously shout insults and slurs at him. The detainee has also been stripped from basic supplies, and is left with a thin torn mattress and sheet, in addition to having to use his own shoe as a pillow.
Newsletter #125/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 02 November 2017Head of the Studies and Documentation Department at the committee, Abdul Nasser Farawna, said all of those detained by the Israeli forces have been subjected to a form of psychological or/and physical torture and mistreatment. Nearly 6,000 Palestinian detainees are locked up in Israeli jails across the occupied Palestinian territories, among them 13 minor girls.
Newsletter #124/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 30 October 2017Abu Naim was injured when he opened his car after Friday prayers at a mosque in Nuseirat refugee camp in Central Gaza. Major General Abu Naim was transferred immediately after the incident to the hospital, according to Iyad Al-Bazem, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior and National Security.
Newsletter #123/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 27 October 2017Israeli soldiers invaded, Wednesday, the al-Walaja village, northwest of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, installed barbed wires along the Annexation Wall, built on the villagers’ lands, and handed a demolition order targeting one home. Ibrahim Awad, a local activist in al-Walaja, said the soldiers installed barbed wires along the Annexation Wall, extending from the village’s northern entrance near the Cremisan Monastery all the way to al-Hadafa Spring area.
Newsletter #122/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 26 October 2017The Israeli settlement project in the occupied West Bank and Jordan Valley has failed, a former commander of Israeli forces in the northern Gaza Strip has said. “The annual increase in the number of settlers has fallen dramatically, reaching 10.3 per cent in 1996, while in 2016 it fell to only 3.4 per cent,” said Shaul Arieli.
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