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Newsletter #117/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 19 October 2017According to a Tuesday Channel 2 report, the package will include the installation of security cameras along roads throughout the West Bank, the installation of cell phone towers to improve reception for settlers who may need to call for help, the paving of bypass roads around Palestinian towns and Israeli settlements, and the bolstering of armored buses that travel through the West Bank.
Newsletter #116/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 18 October 2017According to official Palestinian Authority (PA) Wafa news agency, two other homes also slated for demolition in Silwan and the East Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Issawiya were allegedly “spared at the last minute,” after the homeowners presented Israeli court orders that temporarily prevented the demolitions.
Newsletter #115/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 17 October 2017An international team started Sunday removing old landmines in Araba town to the south of the northern West Bank province of Jenin. The landmines date back to 1967 war. The same area is also plagued with remnants of an Israeli army base that was located near the town. The international team has recently succeeded in removing landmines in Deir Abu Dheif town, east of the city.
Newsletter #114/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 16 October 2017The Hebron office of the PPS, in the southern part of the West Bank, said the soldiers stormed and ransacked homes in different parts of the governorate, and abducted five Palestinians identified as former political prisoner Mohammad Mahmoud Sleibi, 32, in addition to Abdul-Rahman Ismail Awad, Rashid Ismail Abu Hadid, Mos’ab Sweity and Samer Dajjani.
Newsletter #113/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 16 October 2017Dozens of Israeli settlers attacked properties of Palestinians, in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, on Thursday, as they made their way to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound under the protection of Israeli forces. Locals told Ma’an News Agency that, around dawn, Israeli settlers threw rocks and chairs at Palestinian shopfronts inside the Old City, and damaged Palestinian cars in the Aqabat al-Khaldiyeh and Council Gate areas, outside the walls of the Old City.
Newsletter #112/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 16 October 2017Hamada Jamal Abu Eid, 16, was also seized by occupation forces operating undercover in Biddu on 28 September. He said that one put a gun to his head before shooting in the air, causing him to fall to the ground where he was beaten on the body and head. He said that he was hit and slapped while being taken to interrogation at a nearby settlement, and that during interrogation himself he was subject to insults and curses.
Newsletter #111/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 13 October 2017Palestinian farmers from Qarawat Bani Hassan town, northwest of Salfit in the occupied West Bank, have complained of tight Israeli restrictions on their access to their olive groves during the current harvest season. Farmers told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the Israeli occupation army continued to close an important agricultural road used to facilitate their access to their lands and their work during the olive harvest season.
Newsletter #110/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 12 October 2017Moroccan lawmakers protested yesterday, against the presence of an Israeli delegation at a conference organised by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO), at the Moroccan Parliament in Rabat.
The parliamentarians called it “a provocation against the Moroccan people.”
Newsletter #109/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 10 October 2017Saturday evening, Israeli forces broke into the compound of Abu Al-Nawwar Al-Badawi, located in Ezzariya town, east of Jerusalem, and raided the compound school, destroying its doors. Local sources reported that soldiers raided the schools, destroyed its doors, wreaked havoc, and took over equipment which was being used to continue the building process.
Newsletter #108/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 09 October 2017Head of the Studies Department at the Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners’ Committee, Abdul Nasser Farwana, urged the international community and human rights institutions to take urgent response regarding an Israeli verdict sentencing an ex-prisoner to life. According to Farwana, the Israeli occupation authorities re-sentenced 72-year-old Youssef Abu al-Kheir to life, 34 years after he was released as part of a prisoner-swap deal struck in 1983.
Newsletter #107/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 09 October 2017The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stormed overnight Romana town west of the northern West Bank province of Jenin and erected a military checkpoint. The PIC reporter said that a number of Israeli military vehicles moved from the nearby Salem military camp and erected a checkpoint at the entrance to the town.
Newsletter #106/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 09 October 2017A rights group working with prisoners and ex-prisoners said that 35 Palestinian minors were rounded up and detained in Ofer prison over the past month, 18 of them were detained from their family houses, 11 from their cities’ roads, and four others at military checkpoints. Another minor was arrested after being summoned for investigation, while another was arrested after entering Israel without permit.
Newsletter #105/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 05 October 2017Adalah said it sent a letter on Sept. 11 to Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and State Attorney Shai Nitzan, calling on them to order Israeli police to disclose to suspects and their lawyers during pre-trial detention hearings the content of the social media posts that allegedly constitute a criminal offense, such as “incitement,” and other crimes of expression
Newsletter #104/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 05 October 2017e Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning prevented a Palestinian civilian from finalizing the construction of a residential hut in the northern Jordan Valley to take shelter in. The Israeli soldiers cordoned off a hut under construction belonging to the Palestinian Citizen Youssef Besharat in Khirbet Makhoul, in Wadi al-Malih, and seized his construction equipment.
Newsletter #103/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 03 October 2017The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested some 14,000 Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories over the last two years, according to a rights group. Palestine Center for Prisoners’ Studies said that 14,000 Palestinians were detained since the start of Jerusalem Intifada on Oct.1, 2015 including 3,100 minors, 437 women, and 450 online activists.
Newsletter #102/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 02 October 2017IOF soldiers forced the farmers out of the area and warned them of accessing their lands. A local source told the PIC that the IOF’s attack came in response to incitement by settlers of the adjacent settlement of Maale Shamron where about 1,000 of Jewish settlers reside illegally over 600 dunums of Palestinian land, which Palestinians are prohibited to access.
Newsletter #101/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 02 October 2017Locals told Ma’an that clashes erupted in the Bab al-Zawiya area in the center of the city, with Israeli forces firing tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at Palestinians who threw rocks at the military checkpoint at the entrance of al-Shuhada street.
Newsletter #100/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 02 October 2017The National Office for Defending Land on Saturday asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the escalated settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territories. The National Office appealed to the ICC chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, to open a judicial investigation into the settlement file. It demanded the international community to intervene to enforce the resolutions of the international legitimacy, which Israel disregards, including the UN Security Council’s resolution No. (2334) which condemned the settlement construction in the West Bank and Jerusalem and required its cessation.
Newsletter #099/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 29 September 2017e Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) threatened to impose additional collective punishment measures against Palestinian civilians living in Kafer Hares town, north of Salfit. IOF notified local residents that they are banned from entering and exiting the town, threatening to tighten military restrictions at its entry roads. IOF justified its measures by claiming that anti-occupation attacks have recently intensified in the surrounding areas.These measures fall within the collective punishment policy which is prohibited in the international human rights law.
Newsletter #098/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 29 September 2017Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) rounded up on Wednesday evening a 16-year-old Palestinian girl near al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the Old City of al-Khalil after allegedly finding a knife in her possession. Local sources revealed that the detained minor was identified as Fatima Abu Ermaileh. She was stopped and searched by IOF soldiers at Barrier 160 opposite al-Ibrahimi Mosque at the pretext of carrying a knife.The detained minor was transferred to one of the Israeli detention centers in the Old City of al-Khalil to be questioned, the sources added.
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