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Salfit lands swallowed up by 24 Israeli illegal settlements

SALFIT, (PIC)– 24 Israeli illegal settlement units in Salfit have torn Palestinian towns and villages from limb to limb and depleted agricultural lands. Talking in an exclusive statement to the PIC, researcher Khaled Maali said the increasing pace of illegal settlement expansion crushed the master plans for Palestinian towns and villages. Palestinians have been banned from constructing residential homes over the territory after Israel claimed it as part of Area C. According to Maali, the illegal settlement expansion has affected Salfit province as it has done all other areas of the occupied West Bank, a home to over three million Palestinians. The Israeli occupation authorities have also prevented developmental projects for Palestinians in such locations as Area A, in a flagrant violation of the Oslo Accord.   Israel has even held sway over Palestinians’ natural resources including water. Jenin’s and Salfit’s water supplies have been cut by half under counterfeit pretexts. Maali warned of an Israeli preplanned attempt to wipe out Palestinians’ presence and to boost illegal settlements across the occupied territories, a plan that has also been nurtured by arbitrary home demolitions under the unlicensed construction pretext. 24 illegal settlement outposts, including four industrial zones and three nature reserves, along with streets, bypasses, military camps, and watchtowers, have turned Salfit from the “olive province” to an area engulfed by apartheid walls and illegal settlements from all corners. Maali warned that in case Israel keeps up such a pace for illegal settlement activity Palestinians in Salfit and in the occupied West Bank will barely, if ever, have lands to cultivate, earn from, or even live in.

(Source / 01.08.2016)

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Video of the Week Interview with Miko Peled is an Israeli-American activist

Video: Miko Peled is an Israeli-American activist who dedicates his life in support of human rights and a desirable and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. Son of a former Israeli general, author of the book "The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine," Miko has the courage to publicly denounce what others prefer to deny, and several times arrested during his demonstrations alongside the Palestinian people, He has no doubt about the solution to the Middle East question.#SAVEPALESTINE

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