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Group: 39 violations against media freedoms during June 2016

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A remarkable escalation in the total number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine during June 2016 compared to the previous month, as monitored by the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA”, a total of 39 violations; as 27 violations were committed by different Palestinian apparatuses in (West Bank and Gaza Strip) Israeli occupation forces  committed 12 violations.

The aforementioned entails an increase of 12 points in June compared to what was monitored in May 27 violations; noting that the bulk of all violations in May (17) were committed by the Israeli Occupation, in contrast, to the month of June, where Palestinian apparatuses committed most of the violations.

Israeli Violations:

Israeli occupation forces and police committed 12 violations during June including the arrest of three journalists rather than interrogating, assaulting and preventing from coverage and confiscating of equipment.
 IOF arrested a media lecturer in Birzeit University on 20/06 p Naser Al-Deen Jamal Khasib from his home and confiscated his personal computer and a cellphone, moreover Israeli Occupation Intelligence and Police on 30/06 arrested “Al Jazeera Net” photographer  Iyad Salman Altawil after raiding and searching his house in Jerusalem city and confiscating his personal computer and a camera.
Israeli Occupation police detained on 30/6 Al Jazeera correspondent Elias Hanna Karram and his colleague, Al Jazeera Labib  videographer Abdel Fattah Jazmawi and interrogated them while they were heading to Hebron to cover incidents there, moreover on 20/06 IOF arrested  Adib Barakat Al Atrash, after raiding  his house in Hebron, furthermore Israeli Occupation police banned on 27/6 the correspondent of  “Palestine today” TV in Jerusalem, Ahmed Nayef Jaradat and several other journalists from covering the raid of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli settlers  and the beat of the public relation officer of Al- Awkaf/ Firas Al Dibes.
Palestinian Violation:
Unexpectedly, total number of Palestinian violations against media freedoms during June exceeded the total number of Israeli violations against media freedoms in Palestine.
MADA monitored 27 Palestinian violations during last month , 14 violations were committed in the West Bank and 13 in Gaza Strip.
Rather than other violations as banning reporters/ correspondents from coverage by the guards of the UN Secretary General during his visit to Gaza Strip.
 It was noted throughout the Palestinian violations, whether those recorded in the West Bank or Gaza Strip, that security services were deliberately intending to put pressure on journalists in order to silence them.
In Gaza Strip a total of 13 summons and one interrogation against one journalist, in West Bank summons and  interrogation accompanied with prolonged detention rather than the unjustifiable use of violence during the arrest of some journalists.
On 01/06 at night the Palestinian intelligence arrested the cameraman of “Al Aqsa” TV Amir Khalil Abu Arram in a brutal way, in the street near his home, after surrounding his vehicle in Birzeit town, subsequently he was detained for five days, on the same day (01/06) Palestinian Intelligence  service summoned “Al-Yarmouk” TV correspondent in Tubas city (north of West Bank) Zaid Mustafa Abu Arrah from Aqabah village, and detained him till midnight, afterwards he was summoned three times, whilst he was also summoned by Palestinian Intelligence in Nablus on 11/06 interrogated and detained him till midnight.
In Gaza, the internal security service subjected editor and programs producer in “Sawt Felasteen” (voice of Palestine) Jamil Ahmed Muammar to a series of summons, interrogation and detention for over 13 days in a row (that lasted between 24/5 until 5/6) after publishing an article titeled ” Administrative and Financial corruption within the leadership of Hamas “, on 15/06 members of Palestinian Police assaulted the reporter of ” Wattan TV” Jihad Mahmoud Qassem with beating and detained him and a colleague of his, Wattan TV Cameraman  Ameer Hamayel, and banned them from covering incidents in Al Am’ary refugee Camp near Ramallah, On 25/06 Palestinian intelligence arrested the correspondent of  “Shihab news” Amer Abdul Hakim Abu Arafa from Hebron, while he was filming in Nablus, detained him and subjected him for interrogation several hours.
On 27/06 Palestinian Security force raided the freelance journalist home Susan Al Ewiwi at night searched the house and confiscated her personal computer, documents and the memory card of her camera.
As other violations, on 28/06 during the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visit to Gaza Strip his guards banned at least 10 journalists from covering a press conference held in Gaza, noting that they previously provided their names to arrange their attendance of the conference in Gaza.
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(Source / 13.07.2016)

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