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file hit by car

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A 58-year-old Palestinian civilian was pronounced dead on Monday morning after he was hit by an Israeli car near Mudi’in settlement outpost, in Ramallah.

Member of Kherbatha al-Misbah village council, Malik Abu Khalil, said Palestinian citizen Husni Jaber Daraj, aged 58, was killed in a car-ramming-attack by an Israeli settler on his way to his workplace in 1948 Occupied Palestine (Israel).

The casualty was pronounced dead at daybreak, shortly after he passed through Road 443, leading to illegal Israeli settlement outposts.

The Israeli attacker fled the scene. At the same time, no Israeli cops showed up in the area to chase down the killer.

Several Palestinians were killed and others have had their limbs amputated in car-ramming attacks carried out by Israeli settlers residing across the occupied Palestinian territories. Israeli occupation authorities claim such attacks were “mere road accidents”.

(Source / 20.02.2017)

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