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And again – you may not get all the information ever with – Gaza is ‘under attack’ and again responds to the international community but faintly and leave the Palestinians all alone. But meanwhile the annexation of Palestinian land goes on as usual, without any reaction coming from any Western government. It’s a shame, a shame coarse.

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The last few days the forces of the regime in Tel Aviv have got again all military means brought into position to bomb Gaza after back and forth gunfights had started at the border. Already days the tiny Palestinian enclave is under fire, without which the Security Council is called together to put an end to this violence. It seems that the global community has absolutely no feeling – I wonder if she has had this once – for the Palestinian population.

This absence of any feeling for the Palestinian people is actually started when the international community was putting the Balfour Declaration into a “national home for the Jews.” With this step – which also has been a gross insult to the Palestinian people –  people with ‘bad intentions’ for Palestinians are constantly working on stealing Palestinian land and expelling the Palestinians from their land; even executions of Palestinians.

This expel continues even by today, this week has been decided by the Israeli parliament for 4000 houses built illegally in illegal settlements in the West Bank (Palestinian Territory) to approve retroactively. We are talking about more than 4,000 homes in 16 illegal settlements.

And again, Palestinian land is stolen and guess what: no response from Western leaders to proclaim a general boycott against Tel Aviv. But if President Putin is Crimea taking or Erdogan performs the one and the other, than the Western leaders are first in line to impose sanctions. But this is not the direction of the leaders in Tel Aviv, because they are “friends of the West.”

With these friends, you do not need enemies. It is time for overall non-obligation sanctions against Tel Aviv, until these leaders with their troops and illegal settlers have withdrawn behind the 1967 borders. The west drawing only “boundaries” when it suits her and leaders who do “not fit” by Western standards and values.

(Source / 07.02.2017)

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