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Palestinian killed, 5 injured in Jerusalem clashes with IOF


A Palestinian youth was killed and five others sustained injuries on Tuesday evening in violent clashes with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Occupied Jerusalem.
20-year-old ex-prisoner Ali Atef Sheyoukhi was shot and killed by Israeli live bullet fire in Silwan town.
The casualty sustained critical wounds in his basin and was left bleeding to death after ambulance crews could not reach the scene due to the tight Israeli blockade imposed on Occupied Jerusalem.
Violent clashes reportedly burst out in Silwan town, to the south of the al-Aqsa Mosque, after the IOF rolled into the area and attacked the Palestinian protestors with randomly shot spates of bullet fire and teargas canisters.
The Israeli occupation police summoned reinforcement and cordoned off Palestinian neighborhoods in Silwan before they cracked down on the Palestinian inhabitants.
The Palestinian Red Crescent said another Palestinian youngster was treated for bullet wounds inflicted on his eye.
They added that the Israeli forces stood as stumbling blocks on their way and subjected them to exhaustive inspection for eight times.
A few hours earlier, four Palestinian youngsters were left injured and three others were kidnapped by the IOF during clashes in al-Ram and Silwan, in northern Occupied Jerusalem.
The Palestinian protestors hurled stones at an Israeli bus and a train.
The IOF attacked the Palestinian protestors and journalists with live rounds, leaving at least four among them injured.
The Red Crescent said four Palestinians were treated for bullet injuries sustained in al-Ram clashes.
A Palestinian car went up in flames in the clash scene.
Ongoing clashes have rocked al-Ram since Sunday following an anti-occupation shooting attack carried out by the Palestinian protestor Musbeh Abu Sbeih in Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Sheikh Jarah.
Meanwhile, a manhunt has been launched by the Israeli occupation troops to chase Palestinians who allegedly threw stones at Jerusalem’s light rail.

(Source / 12.10.2016)

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