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Conflict in Gaza has caused deep psychological and physical wounds, says Red Cross

child sitting after UN school hit by israel


A Palestinian kid is seen in Abu Hussein School which was sheltering dozens of displaced Palestinians run by UNRWA, hit by a Israeli tank shell attack, [File photo]

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Tuesday that the conflict in the Gaza Strip has caused “deep psychological and physical wounds,” Anadolu has reported.

“Violence can create an environment of chaos, fear and uncertainty, and severely affect the physical and emotional well-being of individuals, families and their communities,” said the ICRC. The conflict in Gaza has affected a “countless” number of people and families. “Many lost their limbs and so they lost the ability to cope with their new lives.”

As part of its efforts to help those suffering in Gaza, the ICRC said that it is supporting a programme run by the Palestinian ministry of health which offers psychological support for the limbless disabled in order to help them to adapt to their condition.

Meanwhile, the Psychological Health Programme said that 30 per cent of the total population of Gaza have suffered from post-traumatic stress and 10 per cent are still in need of psychological support. In a statement also reported by Anadolu, the NGO said that the continuation of the Israeli siege, restrictions on movement and increasing unemployment rate lead to many psychological problems, family disputes and community violence.

The organisation called for the protection of Palestinians from all Israeli offensives and for pressure to be put on Israel to respect human rights and the rules of war during its frequent military offensives.

The ICRC and Psychological Health Programme issued their statements about the situation in Gaza to mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

(Source / 12.10.2016)

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