Since last year, IOF killed 248 Palestinians, 75% of them under 25 since

Image: Palestinians carry the coffin of a person, who was shot dead yesterday by Israeli soldiers during clashes at Majdal Shams, during a funeral in al-Yarmouk camp near Damascus

This report. prepared by the PLO, summarizes Israel’s violations, committed by its occupation forces and armed settlers, for over a year: between September 13th, 2015 and September 30th, 2016 (384 days), against Occupied Palestine.

Such grave violations of international law illustrate Israeli policies of annexation and colonization, imposing a de-facto one state reality; an Apartheid regime. Despite the aforementioned, Israel continues to enjoy impunity and the international community continues to limit itself to issuing statements and declarations while avoiding its responsibilities to hold Israel accountable for the crimes it continues to commit against the land and people of Palestine.


Israel’s occupation of Palestine enters its 50th year. Nonetheless, Palestinian inalienable rights, particularly their right to self-determination, remain unfulfilled. It is time for the international community to uphold their historic and legal responsibility and to take serious actions to protect the Palestinian people and to pressure Israel to end its prolonged belligerent occupation of Palestine.

Since last September 2015, the State of Israel killed 248 Palestinians, 74% of them are 25 years-old or younger. As part of its collective punishment policy against the Palestinian people, the Israeli occupying authorities have retained more than 100 bodies of Palestinian martyrs since last September 2015 while rejecting calls made by members of the international community, including Human Rights Organizations, for a serious investigation into Israel’s extra-judicial executions.

Though the so-called Israeli Supreme Court had decided to release the bodies, the Israeli Minister of “Internal Security”, Gilad Erdan, decided not to release the bodies, adding pain to their families.

The Israeli Occupying Authorities Still Hold the Bodies of 18 Palestinian Martyrs.


The Israeli occupying forces continued to commit crimes against the people of Palestine under the pretext of “suspicion of planning or carrying attacks”.

Several international human rights organizations, including the International Federation for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, called Page 3 of 15 upon Israel to halt such practices, and some of their reports have specifically included references to killings in a “random and deliberate way”.


Since September 13th 2015, the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) have stormed Palestinian neighborhoods, refugee camps and villages to demolish Palestinian homes and other structures, and to deliver demolition orders. According to UNOCHA, until September 30th 2016, the Israeli authorities demolished at least 974 Palestinian structures; including 266 international donor-funded structures. As a result, nearly 6,547 people including 2,051 children were affected and around 1,597 people were displaced; including 746 children.


The Negotiations Affairs Department has previously reported that during the past 10 years, more than 11,000 attacks were perpetrated by the Israeli settlers against the occupied Palestinian population and their properties. Since Septemer 13th, 2015, the Israeli settlers have carried out nearly 795 (reported) attacks against Palestinians, their properties and places of worship.These settlers have acted with impunity and with the support, protection and complicity of the Government of Israel and its occupying forces. In addition to video excerpts (widely shared on social media) reflecting an extreme level of hate and violence, the Israeli settlers have been involved in killing and injuring a significant number of Palestinian civilians.

In several documented cases, Israeli settlers have incited the occupation forces to execute Palestinian civilians.


The current extremist Israeli government continues its despicable attempts to bury the two-state solution with its systematic violations of international law. This report shows only a glimpse of the daily reality of Israel’s colonization of Palestine in the absence of international accountability.

A daily reality that continues to bury the hope of millions of Palestinians, both living under occupation and in exile. At a moment when are approaching a century of the infamous Balfour Declaration as well as the 50th year of Israel’s prolonged belligerent military occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza, we continue to call upon the international community to assume its responsibilities.

At the same time, we continue to work for justice and peace through international organizations and forums, including the International Criminal Court. In order to end the Israeli occupation and achieve an end of conflict agreement based on the two-state framework, accountability and justice should be enshrined in the international community’s dealings with Palestine.

This is the only way to make Israel realize that its occupation of Palestine does not only endanger Palestine, but also the future of the region as a whole.

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(Source / 12.10.2016)

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Video of the Week New Clashes Erupt Between Israeli Security Forces, Muslim Worshippers

Temple Mount temporarily closed to Jewish visitors after clashes with police

The Temple Mount was temporarily closed to Jewish visitors on Wednesday at the order of Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Halevy after Jews broke visitation rules at the holy site, police said. The Jewish visitors were expelled from the compound for bringing sacred books to the Mount and trying to pray there. After one of the individuals was cautioned, another took out a holy book, and the group was expelled. Meanwhile, renewed clashes erupted between protesters and Israeli security forces near the Lion's Gate in the Old City, where police used stun grenades against the demonstrators. A regular dynamic has developed involving clashes between Palestinians and Israel Police over the past several days near the Lion's Gate. Dozens of Palestinians are present at the site on a regular basis, urging devotion to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount and condemning Israel. During Muslim prayer times, particularly the midday and nighttime prayers, hundreds and sometimes even thousands have been gathering there.

There have been outbreaks of violence during these periods, including stone-throwing or physical confrontations with the police. In most of these incidents, the police have been using stun grenades and sponge-tipped bullets to disperse the crowds. In a number of cases, journalists in the area have also suffered violence at the hands of the police. On Tuesday, Hassan Shaalan, a reporter for the Ynet news website, was struck by a policeman even after he identified himself as a member of the press. A group of Jerusalem-based journalists released a statement of condemnation over the incident and called on the police to permit reporters to do their jobs. The Jerusalem Police responded: "This involved an incident that took place in the course of violent disturbances of the peace that occurred in Jerusalem while the police were acting to remove the demonstrators from the street after some of them refused to vacate. The forces working on the scene are under constant threat to their lives.

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