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  1. Israeli politicians know better than to clash with families of fallen soldiers, but Trump and Kelly went there
  2. Manager of Qalqilya's Darwish Nazzal Hospital says IDF chased youths into the courtyard and fired the gas. Army says canister fired hundreds of meters away
  3. In recent years, the spectacle of far-right extremists combining anti-Semitic dog-whistles and fervent, even rabid, support for Israel's current policies has become increasingly common in Europe and the United States
  4. Billionaire Andrej Babis' victory isn't making past allegations go away
  5. Senior Hamas official says unity agreement will not impact Hamas' military wing
  6. Mayor of Dickinson says residents are angry, upset and confused that hurricane relief grants included a provision forbidding aid-seekers from boycotting Israel
  7. Syrian foreign ministry calls Israeli attacks 'flagrant violations' after Israel struck three Syrian artillery cannons in response to errant rocket
  8. A radical anti-migration, anti-Muslim, anti-EU party may come in second place
  9. Will conspiracy theorists finally be vindicated?
  10. The far right is redefining Jews as 'exemplary victims of the threat from Islam,' as one analyst puts it, with support for Israel a companion approach. But there’s still plenty of anti-Semitism to go around
  11. Adam Milstein, chairman of the board of the Israeli American Council, tweeted an image of Soros atop a multi-tentacled creature strangling the globe
  12. A promise was made in 1943
  13. Turkish President Erdogan dismissed the charges as politically motivated, and tantamount to an attack on the Turkish Republic
  14. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy also plans to call an election within six months in the autonomous region that voted for independence
  15. Yad Vashem has spent a decade searching every possible archive in Hungary, adding the names of over 200,000 previously anonymous Jews murdered in the Holocaust
  16. By detonating explosive devices and being positioned on higher ground, Muslim Brotherhood-linked group inflicted heavy casualties on Egyptian security forces
  17. One short letter looms large in the Israel-Palestine conflict's mythology. But it's just that: A myth, but also a bluff, a betrayal and a gift to propagandists on both sides
  18. The IDF has attacked three Syrian artillery cannons after five rockets landed in Israel in spillover from the Syrian civil war
  19. The city of Dickinson requires applicants for grants to repair homes or businesses damaged by Hurricane Harvey to refrain from boycotting Israel: 'An egregious violation of the First Amendment, reminiscent of McCarthy-era loyalty oaths'
  20. After the Torah scrolls were confiscated, the former paratroopers – all in their seventies – joined Women of the Wall for a mixed-gender prayer service outside the women’s section of the wall