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  1. Ayelet Shaked said every local government should find a balance between making sure not to exclude women and preserving 'the freedom of a religious way of life'
  2. Yaniv Shimonyn claims that a character from his 'Uncle Leo's Adventures' is being used in Habima's Hanukkah production without his permission
  3. The 'Islamic State' helped strengthen the sense of nationalism in Middle Eastern states, and the organization's disintegration has dealt a historic blow to the idea of an Islamic State without quotation marks
  4. Everyone else kept hardy goats but they sacrificed sheep, whose wool was probably the basis of Hazorite textile trade
  5. Head of Bnei Brak’s famed Ponevezh yeshiva set to lead non-Hasidic ultra-Orthodox following 104-year-old rabbi’s death
  6. Two weeks ago the organizers of Midburn hired Raphael Maoz, a Lehava field activist, to head the organization’s media department
  7. Will any of them stand up and say no, not us, not in this country of refugees? Will the pilots’ union leave aside their wage struggles for a moment and conduct a battle of conscience for a change?
  8. Three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel earlier on Wednesday
  9. Another demonstration of the frivolity with which the government and its prime minister treat the state’s laws
  10. The film's director tells how the icon of Parisian haute couture tried to exploit Nazi race laws to disinherit her Jewish partners
  11. Histadrut chief takes 'patriotic' line, saying Teva no longer an 'Israeli company'
  12. The company’s layoffs to be announced Thursday will be big, but many fear they are only the start
  13. The 2016 Beer Price Index placed Tel Aviv 10th among 70 cities surveyed, with an average cost of $5.26 for a cold one
  14. It’s lazy thinking to personalize the struggle against Republican extremism in the figure of Roy Moore. He’s one, particularly twisted, failed candidate. Our bigger struggle is against the reactionary, bigoted white-nationalist movement known as the GOP
  15. Israeli military confirms three rockets fired toward southern communities, two intercepted and one landing in open area
  16. Violent protests mark seventh day of rage since Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital
  17. Corbyn confirms position, according to the Guardian, after a dispute reportedly broke out within the party between Labour official Kate Osamor and Labour Friends of Israel after Osamor publicly endorsed the BDS movement
  18. Miri Regev tells Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav that the privately funded event 'seeks to undermine our sovereignty and the very existence of the State of Israel'
  19. Business in Brief: Rami Levy in talks to become partner in Super Cofix grocery gain ■ Shva board approved plans for IPO in first-half of next year ■ Teva, banks weigh on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange