BDM's Newsletter #092/2017Sent on 20 August 2017Since nothing else seems to be working, why not go for the strange? A cluster of imaginative, even jaw-dropping, proposals from private citizens for putting an end to the conflict
Even if it’s clear that there isn’t much chance on the horizon for a real move toward peace, it appears that Israel is abuzz with peace plans these days. Creative and colorful plans are piling up, trying to fill the vacuum left by the country’s apparent abandonment of the concept of “two states for two peoples.”
BDM's Newsletter #091/2017Sent on 20 August 2017Israel has no moral right to judge U.S. President Donald Trump over his forgiving remarks about the neo-Nazis in his country. First, Israel wasn’t really shocked by what he said. After all, it is willing to accept anything from anyone who supports the Israeli occupation. That’s axiomatic at this point. Whether it’s a Hungarian fascist or an American neo-Nazi, as long as they support the occupation – even if they secretly hate Jews – they are considered friends of Israel and moral people.
BDM's Newsletter #090/2017Sent on 20 August 2017Israel now markets itself to African countries as a purveyor of development technologies such as drip-irrigation – assistance it withdrew from Senegal in revenge for that country’s December vote for a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.
BDM's Newsletter #089/2017Sent on 20 August 2017The officers opened fire on the assailant as he drew a knife, killing him and injuring the officer.
Emergency medical services were dispatched to the area and treated the officer who sustained an injury to his leg.
A week ago, a Palestinian woman stabbed a 31-year-old man near the Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem. The victim, an Arab man who the attacker mistook for a Jew,
BDM's Newsletter #088/2017Sent on 19 August 2017This is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page.
Charlottesville and white nationalism. Are the KKK and its neo-Nazi affiliates nostalgic for a world that may or may not have existed? Thinking of the past as better and to be brought back in the present is dangerous on many levels. Often those who want the past back are fooling themselves and others, too.
BDM's Newsletter #087/2017Sent on 19 August 2017The recent controversy over the Queens Museum’s handling of an event sponsored by the Israeli Mission to the UN has been condemned on the grounds of anti-Semitism. The evidence provided for this charge of anti-Semitism is that the director of the Queens Museum, Laura Raicovich, edited a book entitled “Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency and Cultural Production.” As co-editors of this anthology we wish to address that charge.
BDM's Newsletter #086/2017Sent on 19 August 2017WASHINGTON - The top Palestinian official in Washington, D.C., Ambassador Husam Zomlot, said on Thursday that an upcoming visit of a delegation of senior U.S. officials to the Middle East, as part of U.S. President Donald Trump’s effort to restart the peace process, would be crucial. If it fails, he said in a press briefing, the Palestinians could renew their effort to gain recognition through the international arena.
BDM's Newsletter #085/2017Sent on 18 August 2017Secondly, Zionism was a bit late to the power game: just as Israel was created, the bastard changed the rules and aggressive warfare and rule by right of conquest became a thing of the past. Many Israelis find this infuriating: how can those Europeans preach to us about human rights given their all too recent past? How can the US sermonize about civil rights, given the way it treated its native nations? Or, in short, why the hell did the party end just as we joined it? Which is why a common Israeli refrain
BDM's Newsletter #084/2017Sent on 18 August 2017Rachel Corrie was an American activists working for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a humanitarian organisation dedicated to Palestinian human rights. In March 2003, Corrie and other ISM activists tried to prevent an Israeli bulldozer from demolishing the house of Palestinian pharmacist Samir Nasrallah. Despite wearing a high-visibility jacket, along with her ISM cohorts screaming through a loudspeaker, Corrie was struck by the bulldozer and died shortly after in hospital.
BDM's Newsletter #083/2017Sent on 18 August 2017Sources briefed on the details of the meeting, who asked to remain anonymous, told Haaretz that before it took place, the NSC asked the ministry to prepare an assessment of possible international responses to Israeli sanctions on the Qatari TV station. The ministry’s assessment, one source said, was that “there’s no doubt that any infringement on activities by Al Jazeera and its reporters in Israel would cause public relations damage to Israel overseas.”
BDM's Newsletter #082/2017Sent on 17 August 2017Dear alt-righter,
You pride yourself on your profound understanding of the truth about Islam and the lies spread about the Religion of Peace® not just by Muslims but also by the politically correct mainstream media, as well as the liberal and progressive political and intellectual classes.
Well, bravo, you are politically incorrect. But not in the way you think.
BDM's Newsletter #081/2017Sent on 17 August 2017Senators Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand have reportedly told fundraisers that they are running for president in 2020. Pro-Israel money is critical to any run for president. And now both senators are facing pressure for failing to back the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which would criminalize some forms of support for boycott of Israel.
BDM's Newsletter #080/2017Sent on 16 August 2017Human rights activists are challenging Israeli blacklists of supporters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights, or BDS. Lawyer Eitay Mack and several other Israeli activists last week filed a freedom of information petition with the Jerusalem district court demanding that two government departments disclose how they create the blacklists.The lists are used to prevent overseas BDS activists from entering territories controlled by Israel, including the occupied West Bank.
BDM's Newsletter #079/2017Sent on 16 August 2017It took two long days of withering pressure from leading Republicans, heavy hints on Fox News, and a preamble paean to jobs growth, trade deals and the soaring stock market, for the president to read aloud an explicit condemnation of the white supremacist groups behind the Saturday Charlottesville, Virginia "Unite the Right" rally in which a counter-protestor was run over and killed.
BDM's Newsletter #078/2017Sent on 15 August 2017
BDM's Newsletter #077/2017Sent on 15 August 2017The arrests of the journalists come following a decision by the PA last month to block several websites in the West Bank, including those identified with Hamas
Relatives of Palestinian journalists in the West Bank who have been arrested by the Palestinian Authority say there is no reason for the arrests except what they call revenge for the arrest of a journalist for the official Palestinian TV station by Hamas in Gaza.
BDM's Newsletter #076/2017Sent on 14 August 2017The Defense Ministry is examining whether the Israeli firm Aeronautics Defense Systems was asked to actually demonstrate the use of an armed unmanned aircraft in the Central Asian republic of Azerbaijan against a military position of the neighboring country of Armenia, with which Azerbaijan has a border dispute. The Israeli company denies the allegation.
BDM's Newsletter #075/2017Sent on 14 August 2017Israel has opted for another wall, this time around Gaza. Israel will pay for it The next time a cap gun is fired or a toy balloon is launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip, the army will start building a steel dome over the Strip to prevent it. The ceiling will also cut off the territory from the sky. After all, we’re talking about national security. When the first crack forms, and another balloon is launched or cap gun fired, the defense establishment will proceed to the next phase: flooding the Gaza Strip with water until it is completely submerged. After all, we’re talking about Israeli security.
BDM's Newsletter #074/2017Sent on 12 August 2017Per dare una mano alle future inchieste giornalistiche, in Valle Susa cittadine e cittadini vigilanti scavano negli archivi dell’ANAC – Autorità Nazionale Anti Corruzione e invece di estrarre smarrino dalla montagna, come fa TELT, estraggono dal sito ANAC bandi di gara e aggiudicazioni che analizzano con attenzione.
BDM's Newsletter #073/2017Sent on 12 August 2017Israeli Troops 'Were Out to Kill,' Says Family of Palestinian Rock Thrower Shot Dead by Sniper
As soldiers entered the Hizma village, young people started to stone them. That's when a sniper shot Muhammad Kanaan in the head from 30 meters away. Hearing that soldiers had entered his town, Muhammad Kanaan rushed to join the young people who greeted the troops with stones. “He thought it was his duty,” his bereaved brother, Abed, says sadly. “He always went first and kept everyone away from the site.”
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