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Israeli Facebook users launch ‘Death to Arabs’ campaign

A number of Israeli activists have launched a racist campaign against Arabs on Facebook, calling it “Death to Arabs”, Quds Press reported 

Quds Press said that the Israeli news website Walla had interviewed a number of the organisers, who added this phrase beside their names on Facebook.

The Israeli website interviewed a 14-year-old Jewish Israeli named Ran. He said: “It is my full right to write whatever I want instead of my name on Facebook,” Ran told Walla. “I think it is time to disclose the truth,” he added, “all Arabs [in Israel] must not be here.”

Another 16-year-old girl told Walla that she added the phrase “Death to Arabs” beside her name on Facebook, but she was pressured by her relatives to remove it.

She justified posting this phrase beside her name based on the freedom given through social media. “I can post whatever I need,” she said, “even if it [offends] some people.”

Meanwhile, Israeli blogger Ori Britman, who runs a website called “Freedom of search”, said that he contacted Facebook management informing it about the growing phenomenon of racism against Arabs.

Britman was shocked by the irresponsible reply of the Facebook management regarding the “racist” Facebook campaign, which is explicitly targeting Arabs.Schermata 2016 07 11 alle 21.58.54