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An Apology Would Just Be A First TINY Step.

The Historical, Phenomenal Monstrosity The British Committed Against Palestine And Its People Over The Thirty Years Of Mandate (Between 1918-1948) Included Supervising And Actively Pursuing A Policy Of Populating The Land With Alien Illegal Immigrants, Allowing Them To Steal Vast Areas Of Public And Private Land, And Then Establishing Para-Military Murderous Gangs (Even Giving Them British Military Camps And Armaments Before Scurrying Away, Knowing Full Well That Those Illegal Immigrants Will Take Over The Whole Country).
 At The Same Time The Indigenous Palestinian People Were Denied Their Basic Rights, And Their Protests At The Systemic Theft Of Their Country Were Violently Suppressed.

The Palestinians Ended Up Losing 78% Of Their Country And Suffering Ethnic Cleansing Of 75% Of Their Population. At Present, They Constitute The Largest And Oldest Continuing Refugee Problem In The World.

Britain's Colonial Legacy Is Infamous For Leaving Insurmountable Problems In Its Wake. One Hundred Years On, The Palestinians Continue To Reap The Bitterest Of Harvests, Sown By Very Questionable Foreign Policy Of A By Gone Era.
Most U.K. People Would Not Own Up To Such A Legacy...
Significantly, The Current Government In London Is Planning ..
A Celebration...??....
And Yet, Some Still Ask:
Why Is There Continuing 'Trouble' In The Middle East?...
The Blinding Truth Is Very Simple:
No Justice= No Peace. .

Should The Palestinians Wait Another One Hundred Years?..
Most Certainly Not; The Palestinians Now Are Very Different, Better Educated, Better Informed And More Determined Than Ever To Get Their Country Back.
They Are Entitled To Full Compensation For Their Suffering,
There Should Be International Trials For All Those Implicated In Persecuting Them.

This Is Not In Any Way Unrealistic, It Is The Duty Of All Fair Minded People Of The World.To Ensure This Takes Place, Sooner Rather Than Than Later.
The World Is Now Very Different From 100 Years Ago; Many People Now Understand The Catastrophe The Palestinians Suffered And Continue To Suffer; Most People Think That The Abuse Of Palestinian Human And Civil Rights Is Totally Unacceptable.



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Video of the Week Interview with Miko Peled is an Israeli-American activist

Video: Miko Peled is an Israeli-American activist who dedicates his life in support of human rights and a desirable and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. Son of a former Israeli general, author of the book "The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine," Miko has the courage to publicly denounce what others prefer to deny, and several times arrested during his demonstrations alongside the Palestinian people, He has no doubt about the solution to the Middle East question.#SAVEPALESTINE

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