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  • Attack on Palestinian Refugee Camp in Jordan Leaves Five Dead
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I Hope Assad Wins


All the organizations – Islamic State, Ahrar al-Sham, the Nusra Front – are essentially the same terror that is being supported by the American-Saudi-Qatari-Turkish axis.

What’s happening in Aleppo is indeed shocking, and I agree with Gideon Levy that the worst of all the people responding to the war in Syria are those who are “shocked” (“The hypocrites crying over Aleppo,” Haaretz, December 15), but not for the reasons he gives. I, for instance, am still appalled by the genocide the Islamic State perpetrated against minorities like the Yazidis in Iraq and Syria.
>> Assad's atrocious regime (Odeh Bisharat) <<
At his last press conference, United States President Barack Obama said the Syrian regime and its Russian supporters “have blood on their hands.” This statement embodied the hypocrisy and falsehood of that superpower of evil, the U.S.
A few facts: When it started out, the Islamic State, which even (I repeat, even) Israel deems a terrorist organization, murdered tens of thousands of people. It also made sure to disseminate photos of its deeds in all the media. And what did those champions of freedom and human rights – the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel – do then? They directly supported it by buying oil from it.
The more time passed, the more horrific the atrocities of the Islamic State terrorists became. Aside from murder – mass graves are still being discovered – they included wholesale rape and trafficking in women. This didn’t stop the enlightened West from sending it supplies (“by mistake,” of course), expanding trade with it and enabling it to publish propaganda about its atrocities.
Haaretz, too, joined the ranks of the shocked and the inciters when it published an editorial declaring that the world “can’t stand on the sidelines” (December 16). If the editorial board was trying to garner laughs, the subject was too sad. Who exactly is standing on the sidelines? Israel? It has supported all the terrorist organizations fighting against the Syrian regime, even giving “humanitarian” medical treatment to wounded terrorists.
In Israeli society, mobilization against the Syrian regime could serve as a basis for almost wall-to-wall unity, from the Arab party Balad and the Islamic Movement on one side to Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu and Habayit Hayehudi on the other. Each has its own reasons, but the unanimity of opinion on this issue is truly impressive. And this idyll is being orchestrated by remote control from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.
A reminder: The greatest Arab intellectual since the days of Hammurabi (there were Arabs back then?!) – by whom I mean none other than Dr. Azmi Bishara, the ultimate exemplar of love of the Palestinian homeland, who fled it by night rather than in broad daylight, as they say in Arabic – used to make pilgrimages to the doorstep of Syrian dictator Hafez Assad. Today, Balad, which is still controlled by Bishara, vehemently denounces Hafez’s son Bashar, the current Syrian dictator and tyrant.
Israel’s right-wing government, which is Balad’s mirror image, was in an uproar a few days ago because Islamic State terrorists had fired a few shells at the occupied Golan Heights. In response, Israel bombed Syrian army positions! Why? Because “Israel sees the Syrian government as responsible for everything that happens in its territory.”
So on one hand, Israel is supporting those fighting against the Syrian regime in every possible way, but on the other, it punishes that same regime for the actions of its enemies. This is exactly why I wish the Syrian army victory over all the terrorist organizations that have been fighting it since 2011.
I have never supported the Syrian regime, and still don’t. On the contrary, I always denounced it, and I still denounce every Israeli Arab leader, and especially every Arab Knesset member, who fawns over dictators in the Arab world: Bishara and his gang over the elder Assad, Arab MKs and other leaders over Muammar Gadhafi, the regular pilgrimages to and flattery of Jordan’s king, and in recent weeks, the height of shame, over the traitorous leader of Qatar. What’s interesting is that those making pilgrimages to Qatar today condemned Bishara a few years ago for doing the exact same thing.
My support for the Syrian regime stems from the fact that it is the lesser of very (and I do mean very) great evils, for two reasons. First, all its opponents are worse than it is. All the organizations – Islamic State, Ahrar al-Sham, the Nusra Front – are essentially the same terror that is being supported by the American-Saudi-Qatari-Turkish axis.
Aside from America, the superpower of evil, the other three countries – which have been openly fighting against Assad’s regime while weeping rivers of tears over the loss of life and human rights in Syria – are “shining examples” of the very things they’re fighting for. In Saudi Arabia, it’s enough for a woman to be photographed without a head covering for her head to be separated from her body. And in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its satellites are distributing several tons of flowers, food and toys every day; I have no doubt of it.
Second, Syria was the last dam blocking the spread of Israeli-Saudi-American imperialism over the entire Arab world. Had it not been for Syrian resistance to this imperialism, Saudi Arabia and the other “moderate Sunni countries” would have fallen in line with U.S. dictates, and all the Arab nations would be living today under Israeli hegemony.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the primary culprits for bloodshed in the Arab world. Lest there be any doubt, anyone being supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey (“the moderate Sunni axis”) is necessarily an enemy of the Arabs, by definition.
The West’s great fear is that the heroic “freedom fighters” will return to or flee to Europe and America after their defeat. And once there, they won’t make do with collecting unemployment; they’re already addicted to beheadings and mass rapes. It’s not hard to guess who their next victims will be.

Abed L. Azab

Haaretz Contributor

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