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Israel’s Apartheid Policies Create Hurdles For Team Palestine On The Road To Rio

From blocked shipments of equipment to a lack of access to Olympic-sized, or even just adequate, training facilities, the six athletes of Team Palestine have overcome the odds to compete in the 2016 Games.

Jerusalem police chief Yoram Halevy announced a plan to boost the force’s presence in East Jerusalem’s Palestinian neighborhoods by opening five new police posts – in Ras al-Amud, Jabal Mukkaber, Silwan, Isawiyah and Zur Baher.
The new police posts were operating out of buildings that are also used for local services, such as the post office and the National Insurance Institute, in a bid to avert the locations becoming points of friction and a target for stone-throwing. The plan is to be spread out over the next 4-6 years, and in the initial stage, the new police posts will only provide services to local residents, such as taking complaints and investigations, but will not be involved in maintaining order.
The move is part of a plan to change police deployment in Jerusalem, which is said to cost 1 billion shekels and will include the recruitment of 1,200 additional police officers. Police say 200 officers have been recruited so far for the new deployment, but that it is not easy to recruit more officers due to the heavy work load.
The plan also calls for hundreds of cameras throughout the city to be connected to a single system called “Jerusalem View,” which will resemble the camera system used in the Old City. The new deployment will also divide the district into two main areas under the command of police brigadier generals.
A police statement said, “The plan aims to make changes that are adapted to the security situation while meeting the daily needs of local residents, and helping to improve the quality of life in the public spaces with enforcement and deterrence against drug offenders, weapons offenders, property crime and violence.”
On Tuesday the Israel Fire and Rescue Services opened a fire station near the Qalandia checkpoint – the first fire station in East Jerusalem beyond the separation barrier. The new station’s two fire trucks are manned by Palestinian firefighters from East Jerusalem.
The barrier separating some of Jerusalem’s Palestinian neighborhoods from Jewish West Jerusalem effectively left those areas without fire department protection. Residents have reported that it sometimes takes 40 minutes for firefighters to arrive after they are called.

Nir Hasson
Haaretz Correspondent

read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.736098Schermata 2016 08 10 alle 09.54.34

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Video of the Week Israel votes to cut off power to Gaza.

Video: Allegations have come forth that Mahmoud Abbas (self proclaimed Palestinian "president") will - on top of asking israel to cut Gaza's power to one hour per day (just approved)now declare Gaza a rebel zone! This (if true) will mean the cutting of all aid to Gaza, the shut down of all bank accounts, stopping of all entry/exit and the international arrest warrants of Hamas officials... Calls for war have already been shouted from the rooftops with cuts to Gaza salaries by the PA, restrictions on diesel fuel (due to the PA refusing to pay), the electricity being cut down again and again (causing various problems for life in Gaza) but now it seems like the final nails are being ever so violently hammered into the coffin. If this rumour is true then conflict with Hamas is inevitable and "israel" will have the perfect excuse to massacre innocents in Gaza due to having a legal means to arrest Hamas members (who will not just hand themselves in obviously). Mahmoud Abbas is ready and willing to collectively punish the entire population of 2 million (mostly children) in the Gaza Strip in order to gain more power and to please his own oppressors. If the aid is stopped, the 80+ percent of Gazans reliant on international food aid will starve, 97% of the water in Gaza is also undrinkable, so with none coming in what's the alternative? The current conditions in Gaza would make any sane person cry and feel sick to the pit of their stomach and the so called president of Palestine is dancing around in his expensive suits licking the feet of his people's oppressors!!! Mahmoud Abbas has to go! This is disgusting! #SAVEGAZA

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