Newsletter #043/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 28 March 2017ccording to a local source, the attacks included damaging the tires of some vehicles and writing racist slogans on others. The Jewish Price-Tag gang was suspected of being behind these attacks. The Price-Tag gang consists of a group of extremist settlers and it is considered an extension of the Zionist organization Kahane Chai which was outlawed in 1994, but this did not prevent its members from continuing their crimes.
Newsletter #042/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 27 March 2017During a conference about the Palestinian women at the Islamic University in Gaza on Sunday, Aseeda asked the security services in Gaza to track down the murderers of her husband, expressing concern that Fuqaha’s assassination might be the first of many to come.
Newsletter #041/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 26 March 2017Several Palestinian citizens suffered from inhaling tear gas after the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday morning stormed Beit Ummar town, north of al-Khalil province in the West Bank.

Eyewitnesses said the events started near the Grand Mosque in Beit Ummar after Israeli soldiers entered the area and embarked on randomly firing stun and tear gas grenades at passersby and homes.
Newsletter #040/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 25 March 2017Israel yesterday denied Palestinian Education Minister Sabri Saidam entry into the besieged Gaza Strip through the Beit Hanoun crossing, known as Erez in Israel, in northern Gaza.
Newsletter #039/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 24 March 2017Israeli occupation has prevented delivery of carbon dioxide to the Palestinian hospitals in Gaza Strip, Palestinian ministry of health said on Wednesday.

According to a statement by the ministry of health, the stock of carbon dioxide needed for fridges and ventilators and many other medical equipment is running out soon.
Newsletter #038/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 23 March 2017Sheikh Yassin was born in Jourat Ashkelon village in June 1936, a year marking the first Palestinian armed revolt against the growing Israeli interference in the Palestinian territories.
Newsletter #037/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 21 March 2017Michael Lynk – the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 – expressed deep concerns about the shrinking space for civil society in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in a statement to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.
Newsletter #036/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 20 March 2017Meanwhile, the statement described the extradition request as a shocking policy of “double standards” as it coincided with the anniversary of the death of the American activist Rachel Corrie who was killed by Israeli bulldozers in Gaza on 16 March 2003.
Newsletter #035/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 19 March 2017Locals sources said that Israeli troops raided the home of Muhammad Khader Hawamda in the village of al-Samu south of Hebron in southern occupied West Bank. Israeli forces detained Hawamda and his four sons Khalil, Ali, Yousif, and Ahmad.
Newsletter #034/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 13 March 2017After documenting the suffering of Palestinian prisoners as a journalist for years, and suffering the imprisonment of her closest family members, as well as indulging in solidarity acts with Palestinian prisoners as an MP in the Palestinian parliament, the Israeli occupation forces arrested MP Samira Halayka, marking a new phase of sacrifice and giving in her life, and first-hand experience of what she has always written about.
Newsletter #033/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 11 March 2017Palestinian youths confronted the IOF troops and threw stones at Israeli soldiers who fired rubber and tear gas grenades at Palestinians before retreating. No injuries or arrests were reported.
Newsletter #032/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 10 March 2017I never thought I’d find myself, one sunny afternoon, pressed against a police car on the grounds of Tel Aviv University, where I study and work, with a police officer clutching my hands tightly behind my back. I wasn’t in that situation because I’d taken part in a demonstration, but because I’d refused a demand from the university’s security staff to produce my ID while on campus.
Newsletter #031/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 09 March 2017PPS said Mahmoud Kayid Abu Adwan, Ibrahim Talal Shrem, and Nidal Ahmad Hussein were detained in the Qalqiliya district, while Mahmoud Hussein Abu Hamza, 20, Muthana Abd al-Rahim al-Masri, 23, and Issa Omar Odeh, 24 were detained in the Tulkarem district.
Newsletter #030/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 08 March 20175 Palestinian female prisoners are being imprisoned by Israel “under dire conditions” in Damon prison, according to a statement released by the PA committee for prisoners and ex-prisoners on Tuesday.
Newsletter #029/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 07 March 2017 Israeli forces conducted raids in multiple areas across the occupied West Bank before dawn on Tuesday, detaining at least eight Palestinians and shutting down a workshop that the Israeli army said was used to manufacture weapons.
Newsletter #028/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 07 March 2017Israeli occupation forces murdered on Monday morning Palestinian man, wounded two others in occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.
Newsletter #027/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 06 March 2017The commission of Jerusalemite prisoners’ and ex-prisoners’ families said Palestinian detainee Moussa Mohamed Darwish, from al-Issawiya village, was re-arrested immediately after he was released from the Israeli Negev lock-up, where he had spent 12 years.
Newsletter #026/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 04 March 2017The Israeli court rejected the demolition of the murderers’ homes, claiming this would not be deterrent under the pretext that “terror is not common among the Jewish communities” at the same scale it is common among the Palestinians.
Newsletter #025/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 04 March 2017In its monthly report, the Palestinian Prisoner Center for Studies said it had documented 12 arrest incidents that happened in the Gaza Strip, including the detention of five fishermen after damaging their boats and two citizens at Beit Hanoun (Erez) border crossing.
Newsletter #024/2017 KhamakarpressSent on 02 March 2017Salfit: The Supreme Council for Planning and Building at the Israeli Civil Administration put forward a new settlement scheme to create an educational technology college in Elkana settlement built on the Mesha village’s land.
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