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Eizenkot: We killed 166 Palestinians in the WB in 10 months

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot admitted that Israeli soldiers killed 166 Palestinians for alleged anti-occupation attacks over the past ten months.  This number equals the score of Palestinians who were killed for the same reasons in the past seven years, he pointed out.  In his speech in a session of the Knesset foreign and security committee on Tuesday, Eizenkot revealed that over 3,200 Palestinians were arrested and 200 pieces of weapon were confiscated. However, he acknowledged that the power of Hamas Movement is getting stronger.  International and Israeli human rights institutions had refuted the Israeli occupation’s allegation that those Palestinians who were killed were about to carry out anti-occupation attacks. They affirmed that what has been done by Israeli forces is field executions in contrary to the international humanitarian law.

(Source / 27.07.2016)

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