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72 bills bear witness to Israel’s racist character

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A study by the PIC press team kept record of 72 Israeli bills that reflect Israel’s inherently racist character. A bill approved last week legitimized the exclusion of Arab MKs in the Israeli Knesset on allegations of incitement to anti-occupation activism. Expert in the Israeli affairs Barhoum Jureisi said the “exclusion bill” was not the first and last of its kind as talks have been underway in the Knesset to pass 72 racist laws. Jureisi warned of the striking surge in Israeli bills approved by the Knesset over the past 10 years. He spoke out against Israeli attempts to legalize racism and find justifiable grounds for Islamophobia among the Israelis. He added that such bills aim at cracking down on Palestinians residing in 1948 Occupied Palestine and to Judaize the areas occupied since 1967 along with the legitimization of illegal settlement activity. The Israeli occupation government also approved other bills including a bill to force-feed Palestinian hunger-striking detainees and another criminalizing anti-occupation stone-attacks. Another law categorizing terror attacks by Israeli settler gangs as “hate crimes” was passed in its first reading.  50 other bills are put on the Knesset talk-table, including 16 laws aimed to hold sway over West Bank areas and two more bills targeting Muslims’ the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and other Islamic holy sites. “Such a huge amount of laws are proofs of Israel’s simmering racist polices and increasing tendency to legalize terrorism,” the expert further stated.

(Source / 26.07.2016)

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