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Israel criminalizes chanting “Allah the Greatest” at al-Aqsa

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli Magistrate’s Court in Occupied Jerusalem indicted a Muslim young man for chanting “Allah is the Greatest” at the holy al-Aqsa Mosque. Lawyer Ramzi Kteilat who pleaded for 37-year-old Saher Ghazawi, from Nazareth, said the Israeli court criminalized the Muslim chant “Allah is the Greatest” as an act of incitement. The lawyer slammed the verdict which criminalized Muslim chants in the presence of Israeli settlers. Other court hearings are expected to be held over the rule issued against Ghazawi. The Israeli court accused the young man of obstructing police work as they provided a security shield for Israeli fanatics at al-Aqsa in 2011. “The verdict sparks incitement more than Ghazawi does,” Kteilat further stated, raising concerns over the serious repercussions of the verdict. He dubbed the court rule a politicized decision and one that has no legal basis. Commenting on the verdict, Ghazawi said it rather fuels tension at al-Aqsa and triggers rioting. “Saying ‘Allah is the Greatest’ is a ritual that brings us closer to Allah. Nobody has the right to infringe our freedom of worship, particularly in Muslims’ the al-Aqsa Mosque,” said Ghazawi. Ghazawi’s case dates back to September 21, 2011, when Israeli settlers broke into al-Aqsa Mosque while Muslim worshipers kept chanting Allah is the Greatest in protest at the move. Ghazawi was arrested on the same day and was subjected to psycho-physical violence by the Israeli forces. The Israeli occupation authorities locked him up for 24 hours before the Magistrate’s court slapped on him a 10-day ban from al-Aqsa.

(Source / 27.06.2016)

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