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Journalist Abu Zaid tortured in PA lock-up

NABLUS, (PIC)– Palestinian journalist Tareq Abu Zaid said he had been subjected to harsh torture in the solitary lock-downs of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Nablus. A PIC news correspondent quoted Abu Zaid as stating that he was kidnapped from his own family home and locked up in a solitary cell in the PA Juneid jail, where he was prevented from sleeping for the first three days.  Prisoner Zaid also said he had been slapped on the face by the investigators all the way through the first week of his detention. A PA intelligence officer also pushed him against the floor and hit his lower body parts with his boots. The PA investigators further forced Abu Zaid to smoke a cigarette and threatened to snuff it out in his body if he refuses. The PA investigators questioned him on reports he conducted on the psycho-physical torture perpetrated in the PA lock-ups in the West Bank. Abu Zaid was arrested by the PA intelligence forces from his own family home in Nablus on 16 May, 2016.  He was incarcerated in a solitary cell before he was released on bail on Wednesday.

(Source / 23.06.2016)

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