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Israel dismantles EU funded facilities in Jerusalem

near hebron

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Israeli forces dismantled six Palestinian moveable houses and a kindergarten located on the highway between Jerusalem and Jericho on Sunday morning, Quds Press reported.

The houses belonged to Palestinian Bedouin families and the Israeli authorities demolished them under the pretext that they were constructed without licenses.

Head of the Committee for Protecting Bedouin Communities Jameel Hamadin said that members of the Israeli Civil Administration, accompanied by Israeli forces, encircled the neighbourhood of Satah Al-Bahar, where the structures were located, and announced that it was a closed military zone. They then dismantled the structures.

Hamadin said that at least 25 inhabitants were displaced by the demolitions.

He added that the kindergarten demolished provided the education for 12 children from the Bedouin neighbourhood. He noted that all the dismantled facilities were funded by the EU.

(Source / 07.06.2016)

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