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PMF calls for cancelling Facebook-Israel agreement

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Media Forum (PMF) Saturday called on Facebook administration to cancel its agreement signed recently with Israeli government with the aim of restricting Palestinian online activities. The forum said that the agreement supports Israel’s daily war crimes against Palestinians, calling on pro-Palestine activists to interact and follow the removed Palestinian Facebook pages in response to this unprecedented campaign. The forum also called on Facebook administration to reconsider its latest arbitrary measures against Palestinian media institutions’ Facebook pages. In a controversial move, the Israeli government and Facebook reportedly agreed to work together to determine how to tackle “incitement” on social media, aimed primarily at Palestinians. Not long after Facebook’s agreement, several Palestinian pages with millions of followers found themselves closed and administrators locked out, in a move believed to be directly connected to the agreement between Facebook and the Israeli government. By last Friday, however, Palestinian journalists and activists said they had had enough and announced a temporary boycott of Facebook, protesting what they call its complicity in Israeli censorship and posting an upside down Facebook sign as their profile photo.

(Source / 01.10.2016)

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