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Bahar: Israel’s child imprisonment law “fascist and racist”

GAZA, (PIC)– First deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Ahmed Bahar has strongly denounced the new Knesset law which allows Palestinian children under age 14 to be tried and jailed, describing it as “fascist and racist.” In press remarks on Friday, Bahar emphasized that this Israeli law clearly violates the international conventions and agreements that call for protecting children and sparing them any conflicts and wars. “The Zionists is going far further in devising racist laws and legislation, in the midst of Arab silence and international complicity,” Bahar charged. “Such violation of the children’s rights constitutes a war crime and a crime against humanity according to the provisions of the international laws and conventions,” he added. He also highlighted that Israel’s new imprisonment law against the Palestinian children reflected its fascism and the need for immediate international action to curb it.

(Source / 06.08.2016)

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