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#BREAKING--> Israel:Arabic Announcements to Return to Be’er Sheva Buses @@@ Israel Fighting to Stop FIFA From Suspending Settlement Soccer Teams @@@ Israeli Female Conscientious Objector Sent to Jail for Third Time @@@ A Heartfelt Apology to Haaretz Readers @@@ The Wedding Ring That Got Auschwitz’s Commander Hanged @@@ Wary Israel Tried To Conceal East Jerusalem's Annexation in 1967, Documents Reveal @@@ Israel Places Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti in Solitary Over Prisoners' Hunger Strike @@@ Settler Accused of Throwing Stones at Soldiers Released for Lack of Evidence @@@ Palestinian teen sacrificed his life to defend the camp @@@ Israel bans British-Palestinian professor, citing new BDS law @@@ U.S. Drops MOAB, 'Mother of All Bombs,' in Afghanistan @@@ Israeli Politicians Condemn Haaretz in Response to Op-Ed @@@ Saudi King Thanks Trump for His 'Courageous Action' in Syria @@@ California community college first to pass Israel divestment resolution @@@ America the Liberator @@@ Russia and Iran Threaten U.S. Over Syria Strike @@@ From Balfour to the Nakba: Week of Action @@@ TOP ISRAELIS HAVE WARNED OF APARTHEID, SO WHY THE OUTRAGE AT A UN REPORT? @@@ An Apology Would Just Be A First TINY Step. @@@ Chomsky: U.S. Is Helping Israel Annex So Much Land, Palestinians Could Have Essentially Nothing @@@ I've Been Reading About the Occupation for Years. Seeing It for Myself Was a Punch in the Gut @@@ Two Israeli Police Officers Charged With Beating, Threatening to Shoot Palestinian in Jerusalem @@@ Construction, Not Destruction @@@ ISRAELI ETHICS :-( @@@ Most Palestinian minors arrested by Israel claim physical violence during detention @@@ In the West Bank, the Tail Wags the Dog @@@ Join the Protest Against the Occupation @@@ Palestinian Holding Screwdriver Arrested Outside West Bank Settlement @@@ UN Blasts New Israeli Settlement: 'There's No Plan B for Israelis and Palestinians' @@@ U.S., Israeli Navies Launch Exchange Program for Cadets @@@ British Academia Faces Zionist Hooliganism (must watch) @@@ How Israel Would Benefit From Keeping Quiet on Hamas Commander's Assassination @@@ Israel Buys Social Media Monitoring System That Can 'Plant Ideas' in Online Discourse @@@ How Cameras Are Changing the Fight Against the Israeli Occupation @@@ Noam Chomsky Claims Trump May Stage Terrorist Attacks to Shore Up Support @@@ 'If Our Sons Are a Threat to Israel, Why Not Arrest Them? Why Kill Them?' @@@ Palestinian woman shot dead in Jerusalem’s Old City @@@ SETTLERS ATTACK PALESTINIAN VEHICLES IN OCCUPIED JERUSALEM @@@ BY ARRESTING ITS CO-FOUNDER, ISRAEL HAS CONFIRMED BDS AS A STRATEGIC THREAT @@@ TENSION FOLLOWING ISRAELI STONE-THEFT AT 3RD HOLIEST SITE IN ISLAM @@@ YOUTH KIDNAPPED BY ISRAELI ARMY OVER ALLEGED ANTI-OCCUPATION STABBING @@@ FUQAHA’S WIFE CALLS FOR RETALIATION TO HER HUSBAND’S ASSASSINATION @@@ ISRAELI ARMY STAGES FIVE-DAY DRILLS ACROSS WEST BANK @@@ CIVILIANS KIDNAPPED, JOURNALIST STRIP-SEARCHED IN IOF SWEEPS @@@ ISRAELI FORCES HARASS, ASSAULT PALESTINIAN GIRLS IN WEST BANK @@@ ISRAELI SOLDIERS STORM BEIT UMMAR TOWN, TEARGAS RESIDENTS @@@ HAMAS COMMANDER ASSASSINATED BY UNKNOWN GUNMEN @@@ ISRAEL TO RAZE JABAL MUKABER HOMES TO MAKE WAY FOR NEW ROAD @@@ IOF ARRESTS EX-DETAINEE AFTER BEING RELEASED FROM PA JAILS @@@ ISRAEL DENIES PALESTINIAN EDUCATION MINISTER ACCESS TO GAZA @@@ ISRAELI FORCES MURDER 2 PALESTINIANS, WOUND 2 OTHERS @@@ PREPARING TO STRIKE GAZA, ISRAEL TO HOLD LARGEST EVER AREAL DRILLS @@@ ISRAEL PREVENTS PALESTINIANS FROM ACCESSING AGRICULTURAL LANDS TO MAKE SETTLERS ‘COMFORTABLE’ @@@ ISRAEL BANS CARBON DIOXIDE DELIVERY TO GAZA HOSPITALS @@@ ISRAELI POLICE COMPLETE SEALING JABAL MUKABBIR HOME WITH CONCRETE @@@ HEBRON SCHOOLGIRLS DENIED ENTRY TO JERUSALEM DESPITE HAVING PERMITS @@@ PALESTINIAN MP PUT BEHIND ISRAELI PRISON BARS WITHOUT TRIAL @@@ 13 YEARS SINCE MURDER OF HAMAS FOUNDER SHEIKH YASSIN @@@ ISRAEL PREPARES FOR NEW OFFENSIVE ON GAZA @@@ PALESTINIAN KILLED, OTHERS WOUNDED IN ISRAELI ATTACK @@@ ISRAELI FORCES CARRY OUT MULTIPLE RAIDS ACROSS WEST BANK, DETAIN 11 PALESTINIANS @@@ UN EXPERT WARNS OF DETERIORATING SITUATION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS IN PALESTINE AND ISRAEL @@@ ISRAELI COLONIZER RAMS ELDERLY PALESTINIAN WOMAN WITH HIS CAR NEAR NABLUS @@@ ISRAELI FORCES DELIVER STOP-WORK ORDERS TO 7 PALESTINIAN FAMILIES IN KAFR AL-DIK @@@ ISRAEL’S ILLEGAL SETTLEMENT EXPANSION IN FULL SWING IN ERKA @@@ ISRAEL KIDNAPS 18 PALESTINIANS OVER JOINING WHATSAPP @@@ ISRAEL SUES 2 PALESTINIANS OVER FACEBOOK POSTS @@@ PALESTINE SCHOLARS REJECT US EXTRADITION REQUEST FOR FEMALE PALESTINIAN FREED FROM ISRAELI JAIL @@@ GROUP: 500 PALESTINIAN PRISONERS NOW SERVING LIFE SENTENCES IN ISRAELI CUSTODY @@@ ISRAELI ARMY DETAINS 14 PALESTINIANS IN WEST BANK RAIDS @@@ LOCALS IN DUHEISHA REFUGEE CAMP WARN OF ESCALATING VIOLENCE BY ISRAELI FORCES @@@ IOF STORMS SEVERAL TOWNS ACROSS THE WEST BANK @@@ ISRAEL’S LAND GRAB POLICY IN FULL SWING IN SALFIT @@@ FROM JOURNALISM TO PARLIAMENT THEN TO ISRAELI JAILS @@@ ISRAELI PLAN AIMS TO ACCELERATE DEMOLITION OF ARAB HOMES @@@ ISRAELI SETTLERS STEAL 150 OLIVE TREES FROM PALESTINIAN LAND IN NABLUS @@@ JOURNALIST, GIRL AMONG SEVERAL PALESTINIANS KIDNAPPED BY IOF @@@ INJURED YOUNG MAN ARRESTED BY IOF DURING CLASHES EAST OF RAMALLAH @@@ CLASHES ERUPT AFTER ISRAELI STORMING OF BIRZEIT @@@ ISRAEL COLLECTS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM PALESTINIANS IN JERUSALEM ANNUALLY @@@ REPORT: ISRAEL CONTINUES SYSTEMATIC CRIMES IN THE OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORY @@@ HAMAS OFFICIAL INJURED IN CLASHES IN BURJ AL-BARAJNEH @@@ THERE ARE NO SAFE SPACES FOR PALESTINIANS IN ISRAEL @@@ ISRAELI ARTILLERY SHELLS HIT BLOCKADED GAZA OVERNIGHT @@@ ISRAELI FORCES INJURE PALESTINIAN YOUTH IN HEAD WITH LIVE BULLET DURING CLASHES IN RAMALLAH @@@ IOF DETAIN 31 PALESTINIANS OVERNIGHT, INCLUDING MP @@@ IOF DEMOLISHES BEDOUIN VILLAGE FOR 110TH TIME @@@ IOF KIDNAP FEMALE PALESTINIAN MP IN WEST BANK @@@ RECOGNITION OF PALESTINE IS ON THE AGENDA OF THE DUTCH GOVERNMENT @@@ ISRAELI POLICE AMBUSHPALESTINIANS @@@ "target="_blank">ISRAELI POLICE AMBUSH PALESTINIANS @@@ 15 PALESTINIAN FEMALE PRISONERS SUFFER POOR DETENTION CONDITIONS @@@ ISRAEL DOES NOT COMPENSATE PALESTINIANS FOR COLLATERAL DAMAGE @@@ IOA BANS EVENT ON WOMEN’S DAY @@@ IOF DETAIN PALESTINIANS, SHUT DOWN WORKSHOP IN PREDAWN RAIDS @@@ BENNETT PLEDGES TO PUSH FOR NEW SETTLEMENT FOR AMONA EVACUEES @@@ DOCTORS WITH NAZI MENTALITY TORTURE PALESTINIAN PRISONERS @@@ 56 PALESTINIAN WOMEN HELD IN ISRAELI JAILS INCLUDING 12 MINORS @@@ 10 PALESTINIANS KIDNAPPED, OTHERS INJURED BY IOF @@@ ISRAELI FORCES DETAIN 10 PALESTINIANS IN WEST BANK RAIDS @@@ 183 SENTENCES ISSUED BY ISRAELI AUTHORITIES WITHOUT TRIAL IN 2 MONTHS @@@ PALESTINIAN PRISONER REARRESTED BY ISRAELI FORCES AFTER RELEASE @@@ ISRAEL TRANSFERS 16 PALESTINIAN WOMEN PRISONERS @@@ 43% OF ISRAELIS SUPPORT NEW WAR ON GAZA @@@ ISRAELI COURT SAYS NO NEED TO DEMOLISH HOMES OF JEWISH MURDERERS @@@ IT IS TIME THAT THE PA SERVED THE PALESTINIANS, NOT THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY @@@ 420 PALESTINIANS ARRESTED, JAILED BY ISRAEL IN FEBRUARY @@@ ISRAELI MILITARY COURT POSTPONES ELOR AZARYA’S PRISON SENTENCE @@@ ISRAELI FORCES DETAIN PALESTINIANS, INCLUDING WOMEN AND CHILDREN @@@ PALESTINIAN DENIED ACCESS TO MEDICAL TREATMENT BY ISRAEL @@@ IOF DETAIN 16 PALESTINIANS, INCLUDING 12-YO BOY @@@ ISRAEL HAS NO GAZA POLICY @@@ IOF SHELLING TARGETS RESISTANCE SITES IN NORTHERN GAZA @@@ ISRAEL DOESN’T WANT PEACE, ONLY WANTS TO BUILD MORE SETTLEMENTS @@@ FATAH DEPUTY CHIEF: WE ACCEPT A ONE-STATE SOLUTION @@@ ISRAELI SOLDIERS DESTROY, AND CONFISCATE, EQUIPMENT IN A TULKAREM PRINT SHOP @@@ 45 CHILDREN, 22 WOMEN AMONG 405 ARRESTS REPORTED IN FEBRUARY @@@ ISRAELI SETTLER MURDERS PALESTINIAN WORKER AT HIS HOME @@@ MAARIV: MOSSAD USED PHANTOM MEDIA FIRM TO KILL ZOUARI @@@ IN PALESTINE, NO JOB MEANS NO HEALTH INSURANCE @@@ FORMER PRISONER IHSAN DABABSEH SEIZED ONCE MORE BY ISRAELI OCCUPATION FORCES @@@ ISRAELI COURT OKAYS JEWISH PRAYER AT MUSLIMS’ 3RD HOLIEST SITE @@@ PALESTINIAN WOMAN BANNED FROM VISITING INJURED SON @@@ JABAL MUKABER FACES ISRAEL’S COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT @@@ ISRAELI JETS STRIKE GAZA STRIP @@@ ISRAELI FORCES SHOT PALESTINIAN GIRL IN WEST BANK @@@ ISRAELI FORCES STORM TUQU SCHOOL @@@ PALESTINIAN DIASPORA HOLDS FIRST GLOBAL CONFERENCE @@@ ISRAELI BULLDOZERS KNOCK DOWN PALESTINIAN HOME IN KAFR KASSIM @@@ ISRAEL CLOSES PALESTINIAN SCHOOL IN EAST JERUSALEM @@@ POISONOUS EGYPTIAN GAS KILL 3 PALESTINIAN WORKERS @@@ HEBRON REPRESENTS ISRAEL’S ‘APARTHEID REGIME,’ SAYS AL-BARGHOUTI @@@ ISRAEL TO BULLDOZE PALESTINIAN HOMES TO BUILD ‘SETTLERS ONLY’ ROAD @@@ WITHDRAWAL OF ISRAELIS FROM PALESTINE ONLY SOLUTION TO CRISIS: PUNDIT @@@ ISRAELI COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF PUNITIVE DEMOLITION @@@ 16-YO PALESTINIAN SHOT BY ISRAELI FORCES IN CENTRAL GAZA STRIP @@@ 63% OF ISRAELIS BELIEVE SOLDIER AZARIA SHOULD BE PARDONED @@@ ISRAELI ARMY ATTACKS 8TH OPEN SHUHADA STREET PROTEST, INJURES NONVIOLENT PROTESTORS @@@ ISRAELI AUTHORITIES REFUSE EU DELEGATION ENTRY INTO GAZA @@@ ISRAELI FORCES DETAIN PALESTINIAN YOUTH OVER FACEBOOK POST @@@ ARRESTS REPORTED AS IOF RAIDS WEST BANK, O. J’LEM @@@ PALESTINIAN EX-PRISONER RE-ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER HIS RELEASE @@@ ISRAEL CREATES FAKE JEWISH TOMBS AROUND AL-AQSA MOSQUE @@@ ISRAELI POLICE REMOVE TENT FOR RECEPTION OF EX-DETAINEE IN ISSAWIYA @@@ ISRAELI POLICE DETAIN PALESTINIAN IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING RELEASE FROM 15 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE @@@ IOF STORMS DOHA TOWN IN BETHLEHEM, CLASHES ERUPT @@@ ISRAELI COURT SENTENCES PALESTINIAN BOY WITH LEUKEMIA TO 3 MONTHS IN PRISON @@@ The Palestinian Heroes of Hebron @@@ ISRAEL SETTLEMENTS ROAD TO CUT THROUGH EAST JERUSALEM @@@ PALESTINIAN FEMALE PRISONER SUFFERS HARSH CONDITIONS @@@ 58-YEAR-OLD PALESTINIAN KILLED IN ISRAELI CAR-RAMMING ATTACK @@@ At Secret Aqaba Summit, Netanyahu Offered Construction Freeze Outside Settlement Blocs @@@ Attorney General Rejects Plan to Freeze Demolition Orders in Israeli Arab Towns @@@ Israel Builds Industrial Zones to Deepen Control of West Bank @@@ GAZA PATIENTS DENIED RIGHT TO GET TREATMENT ABROAD @@@ ISRAEL CHALLENGES INTERNATIONAL LAWS WITH SETTLEMENT @@@ I.C.S.P.R: THE ISRAELI CRIME IN UM AL-HIRAN VILLAGE @@@ MASSIVE MILITARY MANEUVERS IN AL-KHALIL @@@ A SHADOWY EDICT OF ISRAELI OCCUPATION @@@ U.S. OFFICIAL: TRUMP WANTS ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN PEACE,BUT @@@ PHYSICIST STEPHEN HAWKING FUNDRAISES FOR PALESTINIAN STUDENTS @@@ University of Vienna urged to cancel talk by genocide advocate Ayelet Shaked @@@ IOF INSTALL CHECKPOINT AT SALFIT-AREA VILLAGE @@@ ISRAEL DEMOLISHED RECORD NUMBER OF HOMES IN 2016 @@@ PA GOVERNOR OF JERUSALEM DENOUNCES ISRAELI VIOLATIONS IN HOLY CITY @@@ ISRAEL TELLS GAZA PATIENT:SPY FOR US OR DIE @@@ IOF BREAK INTO PRISONERS’ ROOMS IN RAYMOND JAIL @@@ IOF ATTACKS PALESTINIAN PROTESTERS NEAR IBRAHIMI MOSQUE @@@ ISRAELI COURT INCREASES SENTENCE OF JERUSALEMITE SHEIKH ACCUSED OF INCITEMENT @@@ PALESTINIAN CHILD WITH LEUKEMIA MEDICALLY NEGLECTED IN ISRAELI PRISON @@@ ISRAEL’S SETTLEMENT LAW: FROM OCCUPATION TO ANNEXATION @@@ SETTLER STABS TWO PALESTINIANS IN BEERSHEBA @@@ ISRAELI COURT SENTENCES JERUSALEMITE YOUNGSTER TO 12 YEARS @@@ LIEBERMAN: ALL PALESTINIANS SHOULD LEAVE ISRAEL @@@ ISRAELI POLICE DETAIN PAL WOMAN FOR KNIFE POSSESSION @@@ IOF DELIVER LAND CONFISCATION NOTICES IN RAMALLAH-AREA VILLAGE @@@ MORE ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS WILL MEAN FEWER PALESTINIANS @@@ JEWISH SETTLERS ASSAULT PALESTINIANS EAST OF NABLUS @@@ PALESTINIAN PRISONER DIES OF INJURIES IN ISRAELI HOSPITAL @@@ ISRAELI TORTURE OF PALESTINIAN CHILDREN INSTITUTIONAL @@@ PALESTINIAN SUCCUMBS TO GUNSHOT WOUNDS INFLICTED 3 MONTHS AGO BY ISRAELI FORCES @@@ EAST JERUSALEM TEEN TELLS MA’AN ABOUT MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE HE FACED IN ISRAELI PRISONS @@@ 383 VIOLATIONS AGAINST MEDIA FREEDOMS DURING 2016 @@@ OVER 200 ISRAELI SOLDIERS STORM YABAD, RUMMAGE INTO PALESTINIAN HOMES @@@ IOF VIOLENTLY DETAIN PALESTINIAN BOY IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, 16 OTHERS IN NIGHT RAIDS @@@ TORTURE: AS DESCRIBED BY INTERROGATORS THEMSELVES @@@ 100-YO BEDOUIN WOMAN LEFT HOMELESS AS ISRAEL CONTINUES NEGEV DEMOLITION CAMPAIGN @@@ I HAVE ENTERED PRISON AS A CUB AND I WILL LEAVE IT AS A LION @@@ IOF SEAL HOUSE ON HEBRON’S SHUHADA STREET @@@ @@@ IOF DEMOLISH PALESTINIAN BUILDING IN EAST JERUSALEM @@@ 590 PALESTINIANS ARRESTED BY ISRAEL LAST MONTH @@@ IOF DETAIN 14 PALESTINIANS, CONFISCATE CASH, CHECKS AND VEHICLES, IN JERUSALEM @@@ A ROUGH DISGRACE, AN INSULT TO THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE @@@ ISRAELI AIRSTRIKES IN GAZA INJURE PALESTINIAN, AFTER ROCKET FALLS IN ISRAEL @@@ ACTIVISTS: ARRESTING AL-QIQ ARBITRARY @@@ 2 PALESTINIANS KIDNAPPED BY IOF, SETTLERS DEFILE ISLAMIC SITES @@@ PALESTINIAN ‘DID NOT POSE ANY DANGER’ WHEN KILLED BY SNIPER DURING CLASHES @@@ ISRAELI COURT SENTENCES 16-YO PALESTINIAN GIRL TO 6 YEARS IN PRISON @@@ ARRESTS, INJURIES AS IOF ROLLS INTO JENIN @@@ EXTREMIST ISRAELI SETTLERS ATTACK PALESTINIANS IN NABLUS @@@ SETTLERS IN THE WEST BANK TO REACH 800,000 IN 2017 @@@ UNIVERSITY STUDENT HELD IN PA PRISON FOR 48 DAYS @@@ 9 SETTLEMENT PROJECTS TO BE SOON APPROVED @@@ ISRAELI FORCES ASSAULT ELDERLY PALESTINIAN WOMAN IN OLD CITY OF HEBRON @@@ ISRAEL CONTINUES CONSTRUCTION ON SEPARATION WALL IN HEBRON @@@ THE MURDER OF PALESTINIANS HAS BEEN NORMALISED BY ISRAEL @@@ THE CHECKPOINT REGIME: ISRAEL AND THE FRAGMENTATION OF PALESTINIAN SOCIETY @@@ TRUMP AND AIDES DONATED TO ILLEGAL ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS @@@ NEWS AGENCIES STILL WHITEWASHING ISRAELI FORCES’ LETHAL VIOLENCE @@@ Israeli settlements:a war crime @@@ U.S. House Votes to Condemn UN Over Israel @@@ Gazan Women Protest Israel for Cancer Treatment @@@ Far-right Kahane Movement Seeks U.S. Revival @@@ Soon Israel Will Be Left With 1 Friend in the World @@@ Made in Israel U.S. Complaints Over Mislabeled Export @@@ Big Brother Bennett @@@ Abbas Doesn't Expect Trump Will Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem @@@ Knesset Gives First Nod to So-called Facebook Bill @@@ Settlers Arrested After Writing 'Revenge' in Stones @@@ Israel Confirms School in West Bank Settlement @@@ Reducing the Malignancy of the Israeli Occupation @@@ The Two-state Solution Is Already Dead @@@ Netanyahu’s Sweet Temptation Is to Seal the Trump-Putin Deal @@@ Rabbis Hope To Ban Christmas Trees From Jerusalem @@@ Soldiers kill teen during dawn protest @@@ In West Bank, Israel “replacing one land theft by another” @@@ UN Security Council Set to Vote on Israeli Settlements; Netanyahu Calls for U.S. Veto @@@ Andrey Karlov shot at Ankara @@@ Israel Confiscates Trailer Serving as Clinic for Palestinians @@@ Christmas-season Present @@@ Why Is the Israeli Army Scared of a 14-year-old Boy? @@@ I Hope Assad Wins @@@ 44% of Israelis support annexing West Bank @@@ Barghouti warns Trump @@@ Theresa May adopts a definition of anti-Semitism @@@ Netanyahu Warns Iran @@@ Trump:Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem @@@ Israeli incursion into north of Gaza @@@ Sexual torture of Palestinians by Israeli authorities @@@ PA security persists in its violations against journalists @@@ Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli army a meter away @@@ Palestinian minors in Israeli custody are tortured @@@ Israeli Army Kidnap 15 Palestinians, Including 10 Children, In Jerusalem, Three In Ramallah @@@ Rifai: We oppose silencing Palestine on Facebook @@@ Facebook posts land Palestinian teens in administrative detention @@@ Israeli forces shoot and kill 10-year-old Palestinian boy @@@ Facebook suspends accounts of PIC @@@ Israeli troops to knock down slain girl’s family home @@@ Israeli archaeologist denies Jewish ties to Al-Aqsa Mosque @@@ 16 Palestinians kidnapped by IOF from occupied territories @@@ Palestinian killed, 5 injured in Jerusalem @@@ Conflict in Gaza has caused deep psychological wounds @@@ Palestinian officer sentenced to one year in prison for criticizing Abbas @@@ Since last year, IOF killed 248 Palestinians, 75% of them under 25 since @@@ Yemeni 82 Killed, 534 Hurt in Saudi Airstrike @@@ Israel’s Naftali Bennett Is Calling for Jihad @@@ Israeli Military Court Sentences Palestinian Astrophysicist to 7 Months for Incitement @@@ When bombs drop, Gazans joke…and pray @@@ Israeli forces shot, wound AP photographer @@@ Israeli forces demolish Nablus home @@@ Has Israel’s defense minister given up on toppling Hamas? @@@ 13 Palestinian minor girls imprisoned by Israeli occupation @@@ 14-year-old daughter of slain Abu Sbeih kidnapped by IOF from home @@@ Palestinian scientist sentenced to 7 months in prison @@@ Assessing the aftermath of postponed Palestinian elections @@@ Haaretz: Tahah siblings were executed without any reason @@@ This only happens in occupied Palestine @@@ When home becomes an Israeli military firing zone @@@ Israeli Settlement Activity Quadrupled Over Past Year @@@ Freed prisoner Dunia Waked: The lives of Palestinian women prisoners are at risk @@@ State Dragging Heels @@@ Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Hospitalized @@@ Decolonizing the vocabulary of Palestinian HR work @@@ Thousands Of Israelis Take To The Streets Calling For Palestinian Genocide @@@ Israeli minister ready to pay his life to grab West Bank @@@ Muslim leaders warn Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa ‘is in danger’ @@@ Palestinian institutions in Nazareth and Umm al-Fahm raided and closed by Israeli forces @@@ 250 Palestinians arrested for “Facebook incitement” @@@ Israeli: We must ‘give our lives’ to annex West Bank @@@ IOF detain 20-year-old Palestinian woman @@@ Imprisoned Palestinian girl Natalie Shokha, 15, writes letter to her family @@@ Israeli forces injure two with live fire in Gaza clashes @@@ tank fire hit besieged Gaza Strip @@@ Israeli piracy halts the all-female Freedom Flotilla @@@ Palestinian child’s brutal death at hands of IOF @@@ Abbas hospitalised @@@ IOF shell targets in northern Gaza @@@ IOF tanks shell northern Gaza Strip @@@ Israeli minister calls for strengthening “Israel’s Jewish nature” @@@ Israel takes over women’s boat to Gaza @@@ 73 children among 436 Palestinians arrested @@@ Israeli occupation tortures elderly Palestinian @@@ Who will be Hamas’ next leader? @@@ Zaytouna boat to reach Gaza in 2 days @@@ Apple's iPhone 8 Developed in Israel @@@ What Luck It Is to Be a Tiger in Gaza @@@ What Luck It Is to Be a Tiger in Gaza @@@ This Day in Jewish History A proto-Zionist Dies @@@ Ahead of Jewish Holidays, Israel Puts West Bank on Closure @@@ Thousands call for overthrowing Abbas @@@ Israel kidnapped 2,355 Jerusalemites @@@ Israel prepares for Women’s Boats heading to Gaza @@@ Palestinian Supreme Court rules to hold local elections in West Bank, but not in Gaza @@@ Israel advances plans for new settlement @@@ Israel imposes ‘general closure’ on Palestinian territory @@@ A CALL FOR UN PROTECTION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS IN HEBRON @@@ Musallam to Abbas: Look for a cave among Israeli thieves to live in @@@ IOF shot dead Palestinian in West Bank @@@ EU Court Orders Hamas Removed From Terror List @@@ PMF calls for cancelling Facebook-Israel agreement @@@ Fatah Youth Movement demands Abbas’s resignation @@@ Leading Israeli Arab Politician Says He Won’t Attend Shimon Peres' Funeral @@@ Netanyahu, Abbas Shake Hands at Shimon Peres' Funeral: 'It's Been a Long Time' @@@ How Shimon Peres Faced Down the Generals and Pacifists to Build Israel's Nuclear Program @@@ Shimon Peres: Israeli war criminal @@@ Youngster killed, 3 left injured by PA @@@ Fatah unity: why and how? @@@ 8000 Palestinians arrested since the outbreak of Jerusalem Intifada @@@ Strip searches at Israel’s airport are illegal @@@ Netanyahu’s Strange Comments About Hebron Shooter Azaria @@@ Israel Air Force Trains in Greece, Lands Helicopters on Mount Olympus
 @@@ Netanyahu's Right: The Occupation Can Actually Go on Forever @@@ Dear AIPAC,Get a Life, and Stay Out of Mine @@@ Hamas Should Be Taken Off Terror List @@@ Over 20 Arrested as Hundreds of Israeli Officers Raid East Jerusalem @@@ Israeli Soldiers Photographed Beating Palestinian in Hebron @@@ There Won't Be Peace Until Israel Accepts Responsibility for the Nakba @@@ Open the 'Nakba File' @@@ The Federalization of Israel Is an Existential Necessity @@@ Israeli Fighter Jet Shoots Down Hamas Drone Over Gaza @@@ For Israel, Obama's Most Important Speech Is the One He Has Yet to Give At UN @@@ The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Not 'The World’s' Problem @@@ Jewish Professors Across America Launching anti-BDS 'University' @@@ Tehran Know Israel Has 200 Nukes Pointed at Them @@@ Israeli soldiers raid occupied village at dawn @@@ Jewish Man Arrested In Florida Mosque Arson Had History Of Islamophobic Rhetoric @@@ “International Law Expert: Israel Is Not an “Occupier.”
 @@@ Amos Oz would never stand in the street in Tel Aviv shouting ‘Kill all the Arabs’ @@@ Before Firing at a Palestinian, the Israeli Sniper @@@ New Terror Wave in Israel: Where Did Attacks Occur @@@ A New Terror Wave Begins, With a Relatively High Casualty Rate @@@ Palestinian Attempts to Stab Israeli Soldier in West Bank,Military Says @@@ U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv Unwittingly Sends Settlement Wine as Rosh Hashanah Gift @@@ State NGO Watchdog Raps Settler Organization @@@ Trump Campaign Sides With Netanyahu @@@ Labour's Corbyn Declines Invitation to Visit Yad Vashem @@@ Israeli Lawmaker Accuses Israel of Aiding Syrian Rebel @@@ Abbas Counters Netanyahu, Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing' @@@ Palestinian shot dead by army while bringing home food @@@ Republican activists are trying to "make America great again" @@@ Clinton tells Israel she'll safeguard its 'military edge' @@@ The Strange Case of a Nazi Who Became an Israeli Hitman @@@ Despite Benefits, Israel Must Not Help Sudan's Genocidal Regime @@@ Belgrade Airport:Flight to Palestine Departing From Gate C3 @@@ Saudi Grand Mufti: Iranian leaders not Muslim @@@ Pro-Israel groups declare ‘lawfare’ on BDS movement in Canada @@@ Palestinian President Abbas Reportedly Was KGB Agent @@@ In Win for BDS, Brian Eno Pulls Music From Israel’s Batsheva Dance Troupe @@@ PA opens fire on funeral of Fatah leader @@@ Church of Sweden explores BDS as ‘only chance to liberate Palestinians @@@ Bennett's 'Practical' Way to Impose Religious Views on Secular Schools @@@ Israel’s Defense Chief Okays Palestinian Children’s Hospital at Bethlehem @@@ Racism-as-Zionism @@@ Lieberman: Abbas’s Corrupt Reign @@@ Israel Is Sitting on an Education Time Bomb @@@ ISIS Mastermind of Foreign Attacks Killed in Syria @@@ Welcome, Kids, to the First Day of Becoming Israel-loving Dolts @@@ Israel And Honduras Enter New, Blood-Soaked Military Alliance @@@ Israeli Think Tank @@@ Rudi Giuliani: Hillary Controls Entire Media @@@ Report: 750 Palestinians Held Without Charge @@@ Lieberman Refuses to Deal With Hamas @@@ For Goy Hatred on Speed Please Subscribe to the Forward @@@ In Some of the Israeli Army's Raids, Leaving Empty-handed Is Not an Option @@@ Turkish Warplanes, Tanks Back Syrian Rebels Against Kurdish-allied Fighters @@@ Newly Released CIA Reports Detail How Agency Missed Portents of Yom Kippur War @@@ @@@ EU Diplomats Vainly Trying to Set Up Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting @@@ For First Time in Decade, Israel Plans to Expand Jewish Settlement in Hebron @@@ Court Slams Cops for Holding Minors in Cuffs Overnight @@@ Israel Attacks Don’t Have Flak Jackets and Helmets @@@ The Forgotten, Endless War in Yemen @@@ Arab States Won't Demand Vote on Israel's Nuclear @@@ Saudi Arabia Resorts To Bombing Own Territory @@@ Politics of Jewish ethnocentrism @@@ Beitar Jerusalem fans:the most racist football team in the country @@@ To each society their own evils @@@ Israel uses electric shock on Palestinian boy prisoner @@@ Football Against Apartheid @@@ NY organ trafficker admits buying kidneys in Israel @@@ Israel opens construction tenders for the expansion of illegal settlement @@@ Israel closes case in police attack on Arab-Israeli journalist @@@ Israeli forces use electric shock on 16-yo @@@ 3 injured with rubber bullets @@@ Boy in the ambulance from Aleppo @@@ IOF Demolishes Home of Palestinian @@@ Israeli Arrested Over Shooting Death of Palestinian @@@ No Joke: Many Religious Zionists to Rebuild Jerusalem's Temple @@@ Jerusalem Panel Okays New Housing in Ramot Neighborhood, Over Green Line @@@ Evangelical aid was once taboo in Israel @@@ Israel and Pakistan Take Part in Joint Aerial Combat Exercise in USA @@@ Black Lives Matter vs. Israel @@@ The Palestinians Can Thank Israel for Their Skirting the Arab Catastrophe @@@ Did Google wipe Palestine off the map? @@@ Israel’s Policies Create Hurdles For Team Palestine in Rio @@@ No One's House Should Be Demolished. But if That's the Law, It Must Hold for Jews as Well @@@ The One Thing Israel and Hamas Have in Common @@@ Israel Is Foolish to Get Down and Dirty With BDS @@@ Israeli watchdog centre to combat BDS in Israel @@@ Israel erases Palestine-related contents from school books in J’lem @@@ Israeli forces detain 4 Palestinians @@@ Israeli army threatens to set up fence in Ya’bad town @@@ ICC-based Palestinian HR worker received death threats @@@ Palestinian Hospitalized After IOF Assaulted Him In Jerusalem @@@ Israeli court rejects request to remove handcuffs of bedridden hunger striker Bilal Kayid @@@ Hamas: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon committed to right of return @@@ IOF arrests 12 Palestinians in the West Bank @@@ Ahmad Dawabsha taken to hospital after health deteriorates @@@ IOF kidnaps Four Palestinian Children In Jerusalem @@@ Israeli forces raid, close entrances of Salfit-area town @@@ Israeli police finds no wrongdoing in death of Palestinian minister @@@ Stop living in denial, Israel is an evil state @@@ Israel bans 15 Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners from seeing lawyers @@@ Dareen Tatour, Palestinian poet imprisoned by Israel @@@ 13 kidnapped, 7 injured in IOF assaults @@@ Israel planning to build new settlement in East Jerusalem @@@ IOF soldiers detain Palestinian young woman @@@ Israeli police put Sheikh Khatib under house arrest for five days @@@ World Sees Israel as a Pariah State, Senior Gov't Official Says @@@ Israel Seeking to Deport Foreign Pro-boycott Activists @@@ Does Israel Look Into Police Shootings of Palestinian Assailants? @@@ Israel's Skies Not Impervious to Foreign Drones, Despite Attempts to Intercept Them @@@ Refused Entry Gaza Doctor Loses Internship @@@ BDS movement condemns Israeli initiative to deport pro-Palestinian activists @@@ Analysis: Israel’s double standard on the use of human shields @@@ Minister: “Israelization” of Palestinian education declaration of war @@@ Israel to Offer East Jerusalem Schools Renovation Bonus @@@ World Sees Israel as a Pariah State, Senior Gov't Official Says @@@ @@@ Former AIPAC official says Israel should get no US aid @@@ 9-year-old disabled child injured,in Israeli assaults @@@ Abu Ghoulmeh faces serious health deterioration, @@@ Israeli settler gangs storm Aqsa Mosque @@@ Israeli court confirms administrative detention of hunger-striking Balboul brothers @@@ Peres: Agreement over 1967 Borders @@@ PLO: Leasing private Palestinian land an Israeli move to ‘swallow’ West Bank @@@ Israel’s child imprisonment law “fascist and racist” @@@ Displace, demolish, construct, repeat: the time-tested Israeli way @@@ Israeli Police Officer Throwing Palestinian Girl's Bike @@@ How a German Ended Up Representing Palestine in Rio @@@ Qatar Gives $31 Million for Hamas in Gaza Strip @@@ Muslim, Jewish and Christian Teens From Jerusalem Promote Peace @@@ Israeli forces killed 10-yo Palestinian @@@ 41 Palestinian women held in Israel prison @@@ 17-yo Palestinian detained in Jerusalem @@@ Injuries as IOF aggressively disbands anti-occupation marches @@@ Palestinian Journalists has denounced Google @@@ Israeli Authorities to Build Wall around Gaza @@@ Palestinian minors held without trial in occupation prisons @@@ Saudi Prince: “I’ll Side With Israel” Against Palestinian war @@@ IOF fail to abort baby of slain Palestinian @@@ Lara Tarayreh’s release @@@ Israel prison terrorists as young as 12 @@@ Israel demolishes Palestinian home in East Jerusalem @@@ Foreign Workers Forced to Pay $10,000 in Agent Fees @@@ Time for Israel to Admit @@@ @@@ Israel's 'Fascist' Culture Minister Is but a Mouthpiece for Netanyahu @@@ We’re American Jewish Historians @@@ Netanyahu Wants to Make Peace Without the Palestinians @@@ relieves world from issuing useless condemnations against Israeli settlement @@@ Israeli suspend travel ban on BDS co-founder @@@ 47 Israeli violations against journalists last month @@@ IOF arrests Palestinian ex-detainee 3 months after his release @@@ Israel killed 546 kids in 2014 Gaza @@@ Dayan:Ambassador for Apartheid @@@ Salfit lands swallowed up @@@ Fate of Hebron Hills village likely to be decided by Israeli defense minister @@@ Palestinian women students subject to repression @@@ UAE ‘funnelled money to Turkish coup plotters’ @@@ Skeleton found under Gaza rubble @@@ Relatives of Muhammad Abu Khdeir detained for throwing stones, Molotov cocktails @@@ Assad Offers Amnesty to Syrian Rebels @@@ DNC consultant asked about Palestinian rights @@@ Gaza war diary @@@ The magic rubber bullet theory @@@ Liberal Democracy Is in Distress @@@ New Illegal West Bank Outpost @@@ U.S Strongly Condemns Systematic Settlement Activity by Israel @@@ Israeli Council I Don’t Hate Arabs,but I Don’t Want Them at My Pools @@@ PA embarrassed @@@ IOF detain 5 Palestinians @@@ Palestinian children subject to solitary confinement @@@ Palestinians,Journalists+Peace Activists Injured @@@ PCHR Weekly Report @@@ Israel accuses Ma’an news of incitement @@@ Leaked EU report reveals indirect approval of colonial Israel @@@ Israeli forces storm Palestinian village @@@ Israel interrogates 18yo girl @@@ Israel sentences 7 Palestinians to adm.detention @@@ Secret 1970 Document @@@ Raising the Palestinian cause at the DNC @@@ Israel Out to Destroy Lifeline of Gaza @@@ Netanyahu Tells Knesset Panel @@@ Israel's High Court Approves Demolition of Sarona Attackers @@@ Former Saudi General Visits Israel @@@ B’Tselem: Israel demolished Palestinian homes @@@ Israeli police detain 52 Palestinians in Jerusalem @@@ Eizenkot: We killed 166 Palestinians in the WB in 10 months @@@ Israeli Soldiers Kidnap 33 Palestinians In Silwan @@@ Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour imprisoned @@@ Netanyahu spurs growth of BDS @@@ 72 bills bear witness to Israel’s racist character @@@ Families of Gaza war victims protest lack of aid @@@ Imprisoned Palestinian women and girls @@@ Palestinian prisoner injured @@@ Israel Lines Its Pockets With Palestinian Aid @@@ VIDEO of atrocities French committed in Algeria @@@ Perpetrator and Victim’s Child Recall King David Hotel Bombing @@@ We in the Palestinian ISM Have a Problem With anti-Semitism @@@ Turkish military falls silent as Erdogan dictates mood on the street @@@ Israel seizes 100 dunums of Yatta @@@ IOF detain 11 Palestinians, including minor @@@ 3 Palestinian youth detained in Issawiya @@@ Gunshots fired at home of Nablus mayoral candidate @@@ West Bank Palestinian villagers in limbo @@@ Hamas: PA, Israeli arrests is repression @@@ Obama’s Last Gasp on Palestine-Israel @@@ Human Rights Activist Abdullah Al-Khateeb Survives an Assassination Attempt in Damascus @@@ IOF detain Oscar-nominated filmmaker @@@ IOF close entrances to Bethlehem @@@ Israeli Soldiers Injure Two Palestinians In Kufur Qaddoum @@@ The Catastrophe Al Nakba @@@ Israel bans travel of noted Jerusalemite @@@ IOFdetain 18 Palestinians @@@ IOF detain man and his son during police raid @@@ Israeli forces raid Yatta @@@ House Set on Fire in West Bank Village of Duma @@@ Israeli Minister's Face Blacked Out in Nude Portrait for Art-school Show @@@ New Regulations Would Impede Palestinians Seeking to Sue Israeli Employers @@@ Israel's High Court Gives State 90 Days to Explain Foot-dragging Over Unrecognized Arab Town @@@ Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian house @@@ Israeli forces demolish Palestinian structures @@@ Memes of Israelis holding flags in front Dome of the Rock @@@ Israel passes law slammed by critics as a move to silence Palestinian lawmakers @@@ Palestinian shot by IOF dies @@@ IOF kill 12-year-old Palestinian with rubber bullet @@@ Israeli closures: ‘They’re pushing us into depression’ @@@ University student sentenced to 10 months imprisonment @@@ Israeli settler runs over Palestinian boy in Al-Khalil @@@ Saudi Arabia’s Faisal: Iran is breeding chaos through Hamas @@@ Lieberman Vows to Improve Checkpoints, Enforces Apartheid @@@ Israeli court sentences journalist to 6 months for “incitement” @@@ Israel Just Took Over the Golan Demilitarized Buffer Zone @@@ KILL THE ARABS @@@ Girl Killed at Jerusalem Pride Parade @@@ Minister Naftali Bennett, You Are Killing Zionism @@@ Gaza and drones: a horrific 51-day attack @@@ IOF hands out stop-of-construction notices east of Nablus @@@ Israeli forces detain Palestinian woman near Ramallah @@@ Israeli court sentences 14-year-old Palestinian boy to 6 1/2 years @@@ Israeli settlers throw rocks at Palestinian @@@ 10 million shekels for Judaizing the New Gate of Jerusalem @@@ Palestinian father accuses Israeli jailers of abusing his son @@@ Canadian Teacher Under Police Investigation For Saying Palestinians Had Right To Resist Occupation @@@ Israel Undermines Gaza's Economic Recovery @@@ Siblings of Terrorist Indicted for Incitement @@@ Palestinian Shot Dead by IOF @@@ Salaima Was Shot In His Back @@@ Israel’s new defense minister draws up plan to topple Hamas @@@ Rights group calls for documenting, prosecuting Israeli crimes @@@ How the Israeli government whitewashes Gaza blockade @@@ Leftists Attack Marching in Support of Hebron Shooter @@@ NYU Pro-Israel Group Demands Administration Take Action Against Students for Justice in Palestine @@@ Students for Justice in Palestine @@@ Google Buys Israeli Web Content-sharing App Developer Kifi @@@ Radical Leftists Attack Dozens Marching in Support of Hebron Shooter @@@ Woman Attacked by Jewish Soccer Hooligans @@@ Egypt Abducts and Tortures Hundreds, Amnesty Report Says @@@ Haneen Zoabi Helps Forge Israel’s National Renewal @@@ Black Zionist Slams Pro-Palestinian Group — Cites Arab Slave Trade @@@ BDS victory in Mennonite Church Canada @@@ No Incitement Necessary for a Palestinian Town to Hate Israel @@@ Lieberman Blocks Israeli Pro-peace Group @@@ In About-face on U.S. Foreign Policy @@@ Minister Naftali Bennett on Why Diaspora Jews Matter to Israel @@@ For Diaspora Jews, the Occupation Can’t Just Be a Spectator Sport @@@ New IDF Chief Rabbi Says Soldiers Can Rape Arab Women To Boost Morale @@@ Egypt’s Military Junta Has Been Allowing Israeli Drone Strikes In Egypt @@@ AT LAST A JEWISH PRIME MINISTER! @@@ '14 West Bank settler outposts to be legalized, 20 already approved' @@@ IDF's Chief Rabbi Appointee Believes Terrorists Are 'Animals' and Gays Are 'Sick' @@@ Theresa May Will Be a Formidable PM and a True Friend of Israel @@@ Israel Won the Second Lebanon War. Just Ask the Gazans @@@ U.S. Warns 'NGO Law' Could Have 'Chilling Effect' on Israel's Civil Society @@@ Israelis Don't Want the Truth, Certainly Not When It Comes to Palestinians @@@ God Save America - From Becoming This Israel @@@ Why Humiliation Became a Routine Tactic in Israeli Prisons @@@ Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of ‘comely gentile women’ @@@ Israeli police initiate ‘friction activity’ on quiet streets in East Jerusalem @@@ After attack, Netanyahu gov’t pours money into rightwing settlements @@@ 39 violations against media freedoms @@@ Israeli forces detain Palestinian activist @@@ 61 Palestinian female detainees in Israeli jails @@@ Activists prevent Israeli bulldozers in Ramallah @@@ Israel Launched Numerous Drone Strikes in Sinai @@@ Egypt FM's Visit Only a Limited Success Unless Israel Follows Through @@@ Yair Lapid’s Destructive Conspiracy of Silence for Israel @@@ Israeli Film Critic Suspended for Racist Facebook Post @@@ Business in Brief: Israeli Suit Linked to Lehman Collapse Ends With $2m Settlement @@@ Israeli Facebook users launch ‘Death to Arabs’ campaign @@@ New chief Israeli army rabbi allows raping women @@@ Israel issues 34 administrative detention orders to Palestinian prisoners @@@ FB sued for alleged facilitation of Hamas attacks on Israeli-Americans @@@ Israeli forces detain 27 Palestinian in large-scale West Bank raids @@@ Hamas PA violations in June @@@ Gaza: shortage of sanitation infrastructure @@@ BDS is a war Israel can’t win @@@ Israel simply has no right to exist @@@ The Specter of Racism Hangs Over Bennett @@@ Bernie Supporters Reject Democratic Platform @@@ Egypt's Foreign Minister to Meet Netanyahu in First Visit to Israel in Nine Years @@@ IDF chief: If needed, we will defeat Hezbollah in next confrontation @@@ Egypt FM to Netanyahu: Situation on Ground in Constant Deterioration @@@ Following Shooting Attack, Israeli Army Keeps Up Closure of Palestinian Village @@@ Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia of Supporting Terrorism @@@ Is Erdogan's Offer to Make Syrian Refugees Citizens a Humanitarian Gesture or Cynical Ploy? @@@ U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression @@@ Israeli Government Targeting FB Activists @@@ Israeli authorities confiscate antiquities from Palestinian @@@ Israeli authorities to put on trial youngest prisoners in the world @@@ Where Black and Palestinian lives meet @@@ No Indictments for Israeli Soldiers @@@ HEBRON:Testimonies by Comrades in Arms @@@ A Palestinian Family Torn Apart by the Occupation @@@ Netanyahu's Promises of Settlement Construction @@@ Minister Bennett Is Lying.The Settlements Aren't Keeping Israel Safe @@@ Israel’s anti-Facebook Spin Is Latest Excuse to Ignore the Occupation @@@ An Israeli Band Heads to Paris Coexistence Festival to 'Conquer' Palestinian Hearts @@@ Jordan Man Shot After Jumping Israeli Border, Attempting a Carjacking @@@ Israeli checkpoints are cruel and inhuman @@@ Israel should kidnap Palestinians @@@ Will upcoming local elections unite Palestinians? @@@ EU to push forward with two-state conference @@@ The Other Palestinian Fatalities @@@ FB Doesn’t Incite Palestinians @@@ Shooting of Subdued Palestinian Assailant Wasn't Justified @@@ Republicans possibly ready to reject two-state solution @@@ Israel, US syncing missile defense @@@ Israeli officers permitted to open fire on boys with slingshots @@@ Israeli siege brings life to a halt in the southern West Bank @@@ Mainstream obits for Wiesel offer barely an asterisk for his intolerant views of Palestinians @@@ Iraq War Report @@@ Netanyahu Rejects U.S. Criticism of Settlement Expansion as 'Unacceptable' @@@ Two Israeli Soldiers Wounded @@@ For Jews and Arabs, Israel’s School System Remains Separate and Unequal @@@ Israel Seeks to Double Security Budget for Jewish Settlers in East Jerusalem @@@ Parents of East Jerusalem Teen Ask Court to Demolish Jewish Killers' Homes @@@ I Thought Israeli Soldiers Weren’t Supposed to Shoot Palestinian Girls Anymore @@@ In latest pander to Israel lobby, Clinton smears Max Blumenthal’s criticism of Wiesel as ‘hateful’ @@@ Knesset set to pass 'NGO Law,' minister aims to punish activists @@@ Palestinian woman detained at Hebron checkpoint @@@ Rights groups speak out as new Israeli war haunts Gaza @@@ Ramadan 2016: Harassment, Collective Punishment @@@ Months after night arrest, two children say the trauma isn’t over @@@ Israeli Policies of Racial Discrimination @@@ Mishaal, Abu Marzouk, Arouri: Detainees’ freedom @@@ Israeli forces injure 15 Palestinians in Dura @@@ UNRWA: 6,303 Refugee families have not received payments to start repairing their homes @@@ Kill Palestinians to get closer to God @@@ Balfour: Britain’s original sin @@@ B’Tselem: Eyewitness report casts doubts on army’s narrative in Palestinian woman’s killing @@@ UNRWA: 80% of Gazans depend on humanitarian assistance @@@ Why are the Dutch funding settlers in Palestine? @@@ June 2016 report on Palestinian prisoners @@@ Israel to take aggressive measures against Palestinians @@@ 41 violations committed against journalists @@@ Dozens of Palestinians detained in East Jerusalem @@@ Ban Ki-moon’s farewell to the occupied Palestinian territories @@@ Turkish aid bound for Gaza @@@ European License For Israeli Torture @@@ IOF lauch Airstrike in GAZA @@@ Trump Replaces Tweet @@@ Elie Wiesel Quotes on God, the Holocaust and Humanity @@@ Israel Approves Construction of 42 Units in West Bank Settlement @@@ No Shortage of Discrimination When It Comes to Water in the West Bank @@@ More Jews Have Joined Islamic State, French Official Says @@@ Iceland’s capital declares boycott of all Israeli goods @@@ UK charity under pressure over donations to Israeli settlements @@@ Labour's Corbyn: Jews No More Responsible for Israel Than Muslims Are for Islamic Organizations @@@ Attempted Stabbing Attack in Hebron; Palestinian Shot and Killed @@@ Iran's Revolutionary Guards: In 25 Years Israel Will No Longer Be on the Map @@@ Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas convened on Thursday evening a meeting in Ramallah @@@ Mohammed Khatib:Failure of PA to support prisoners @@@ Ethnic cleansing: An established plan in Israel’s apartheid policy @@@ Saudi Arabia vows to disarm anti-Israeli groups in Gaza Strip @@@ Netanyahu asks to expel Zoabi @@@ Israeli soldiers kill young girl in cold blood @@@ Rabbi All Palestinians Must Be Killed @@@ Operation Cast Lead @@@ Israel arrest 65 Palestinian kids @@@ CIA Weapons Shipments Stolen @@@ Erdogan Slams Group Behind 2010 Gaza Flotilla @@@ Israel Is a Racist Country @@@ Netanyahu Vows to Work to Oust Israeli Arab MK @@@ A New Israeli Law Turns Its Arab Citizens Into Enemy Aliens @@@ Israeli Army to Start Interviewing Women for Combat Roles @@@ Deal With Turkey Can Only Do Israel Good, but Don't Tell the Israelis @@@ The Wisdom and Follies of Netanyahu of Arabia @@@ Victory for BDS as High Court rules councils can boycott Israel @@@ Quartet Presents Outline of Israel-Palestine Report to UN: Solution Cannot Be Imposed From the Outside @@@ Netanyahu: 'Enlightened Nations' Should Condemn Palestinian's Murder of Israeli Teen @@@ Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence ‘in the public narrative’ @@@ Gaza blockade is 'collective punishment', says UN chief @@@ Netanya:Palestinian killed @@@ Europe still funding Israeli torture @@@ Jaraar and Zoabi: the true faces of Palestinian resistance @@@ Israeli Land Theft @@@ Palestinians Stone Western Wall Worshipers @@@ No Hope For Gaza @@@ Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead @@@ After Mahmoud Abbas, the Deluge for the Palestinians @@@ New Jersey becomes 11th state to pass anti-BDS measure @@@ Dershowitz approves Clinton’s ‘muscular foreign policy @@@ I was wrong in my presumption that Israel desired peace @@@ http://kbnews.eu/bdm-news/606-i-was-wrong-in-my-presumption-that-israel-desired-peace-chas-freeman @@@ Christian-funded Group Brings 83 French Jewish Immigrants to Israel @@@ Istanbul Terror Attack Was Aimed at Turkey, but Delivered a Message to the World @@@ IOF confiscates 7773 acres @@@ UN Chief, IOF destroyed Palestinian life @@@ Israeli settlers raid lands in Bethlehem @@@ Abbas to Erdogan @@@ Will next Pal President be handpicked by Abbas? @@@ PA stabbing Palestinians in the back @@@ Naval blockade of Gaza to continue @@@ Israeli-Turkish Reconciliation Deal @@@ Democrats Reject Platform for End Occupation @@@ After Months of Quiet, Scuffles Erupt After Jews Ascend Temple Mount @@@ Reconciliation With Turkey Was Long Overdue @@@ Only Four of 20 Israeli Ministers Openly Declare Support of Two-state Solution @@@ High Court Petition Calls to Indict Israeli Settler Leaders @@@ Turkey's Erdogan Apologizes for Downing Russian Jet @@@ Netanyahu: Israel-Turkey Deal to Have Immense Implications for Israeli Economy @@@ For Israel's New Defense Minister, a Bad Arab Is One Who Seeks Reconciliation @@@ Israel's Deal With Turkey Could Stave Off Next Gaza War @@@ Despite Aide to Gaza, Israel-Turkey Deal Offers Palestinians Little Hope @@@ Ministers Bennett, Shaked to Vote Against Turkey Reconciliation Deal @@@ Quartet Report on Israeli-Palestinian Stalemate to Be Released @@@ Erdogan: Turkey Will Continue to Oppose Israel's Actions in Jerusalem After Deal @@@ Turkish-Israeli deal partially lifts Israeli siege on Gaza @@@ Israel criminalizes chanting “Allah the Greatest” at al-Aqsa @@@ Human rights groups urge global action to end severe torture by IOF @@@ Official: 71 Palestinian prisoners have died of torture in Israeli jails since 1967 @@@ Israel's Lieberman, a Playground Bully, Becomes Star Pupil in Washington @@@ Abbas Retracts Claim That Rabbis Called for Poisoning of Palestinian Well @@@ The Multimillion Dollar Panama Channel to West Bank Settlements @@@ Amid Anti-BDS Pressure,Facebook Israel Appoints Advisor To Policy Post @@@ Palestinian City Parched After Israel Cuts Water Supply @@@ In the U.K. and in Israel, a Shift Toward Ultranationalist Isolationism @@@ Time for 'Israexit' From the Occupied Territories @@@ Israel and Turkey Reach Reconciliation Deal @@@ I Went to See the Plight of the Dried-out Settlements. I Found a Pool @@@ @@@ Prominent Bahraini Human Rights Activist Faces 13 Years in Prison for Tweets @@@ Armenian Genocide Creates Bad Blood Between Vatican and Turkey @@@ Israel's Settlement Policy Pushing Away Liberal U.S. Jews, Report Warns @@@ IOF kidnaps son of MP in Nablus @@@ Journalist detained by PA @@@ Muslims injured at Aqsa Mosque @@@ Erdogan to Betray Gaza for Israeli Gas @@@ A 91 yo Jew lies about Holocaust @@@ IOA renews adm.detention of 15 yo boy @@@ Trump Will Not Recognize Palestinian Statehood if Elected President @@@ Hundreds of Palestinians detained by Israel since beginning of Ramadan @@@ IOF kill mother of 9-month-old baby @@@ Israel moves to keep interrogations from being filmed @@@ Abbas: PA accepted state on less than a quarter of ​​historic Palestine @@@ Report: 489 Palestinian prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment in Israeli jails @@@ Journalist Abu Zaid tortured in PA lock-up @@@ Britain: Israel’s settlements are illegal @@@ Mother of Five Palestinians Killed by Israel Dies in Egypt @@@ Israel prosecutes a Palestinian poet over Youtube poem @@@ Israel wants Dahlan to rule over Gaza @@@ Israelis kill Palestinian, demolish house @@@ Poll: 65% of Palestinians want Abbas out @@@ IOF mistakenly shot dead a 15-year-old Palestinian @@@ Israel Refuses to Recognize Palestinian University's Degrees @@@ Israel Incapable of Telling Truth About Water @@@ Israel Vows to Reveal Truth About 'Kidnapped' Yemenite Children @@@ EU's Tusk Pledges 'Unprecedented' Support for Israeli, Palestinian Peace @@@ 'Settlers' Documentary Turns a Blind Eye to the Horror of West Bank Life @@@ Rivlin:Conditions Not Right for Final Status Agreement With Palestinians @@@ Israeli Officer Who Killed Palestinian Teen Faces Likely Punishment @@@ First Israeli F-35 Fighter Aircraft Rolls Off the Production Line in Texas @@@ Israeli forces liquidate Palestinian boy @@@ Hamas MP urges Palestinians to join forces @@@ Mabrook to PA President Abbas son Tareq @@@ State Crime: Special issue on Palestine @@@ Order to Kill @@@ Israel Approves Yet More Funding @@@ Our Anger Is Past Its Limit @@@ Murder Jo Cox @@@ @@@ Herzog met with PA to make pre-1967 concessions @@@ Israeli calls for ethnic cleansing grow louder @@@ Extra millions of USDs for illegal Jewish settlements @@@ Can Palestinian right of return issue be solved? @@@ N.of journalists detained in Israeli jails jumps to 22 @@@ Palestinian children with no legal status @@@ Palestinian shot in the back by Israeli forces succumbs to wounds @@@ Dislike: Facebook names Netanyahu’s former advisor ‘head of policy @@@ Order to Kill: Prominent Rabbi Calls for Poisoning Palestinian Water @@@ Will Abbas intervene to save Nablus from mayhem? @@@ Israeli military jeep runs over Palestinian citizen @@@ Is Tel Aviv attack revival of the Jerusalem intifada? @@@ Warning of poisoning water in the West Bank @@@ Pathologist: Al-Sharif would have been alive if not shot in the head @@@ Israeli forces close streets to Jerusalem @@@ UNRWA report: Siege on Gaza illegal @@@ Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian protesters in West Bank @@@ 10 facts about Israel’s occupation @@@ Israel to Allocate $19 Million for Settlements @@@ Hamas elections @@@ IDF Closes Case Against Officer Who Shelled Gaza Clinic @@@ Israeli to demolish thousands of Arab buildings @@@ 26 Violations against Media Freedoms in May @@@ Saudi Arabia Expands Confrontation With Iran @@@ IDF Closes Case Against Officer Who Shelled Gaza Clinic @@@ Israeli Soldier Behind Hebron Shooting @@@ Citing 'Dictatorship,' Israeli Artist Wants His Work Removed From the Knesset @@@ As a Child, One Tel Aviv Shooter Watched the Israeli Army Destroy His Home @@@ Israel elected to head permanent U.N. committee for first time @@@ Israel to Allocate $19 Million More for Settlements @@@ Israeli MI Chief: Another War Would Turn Lebanon Into 'A Country of Refugees' @@@ Lieberman Bars Senior Palestinian Official From Israel Due to 'Subversive Activity' @@@ Housing Approved for Jews in East Jerusalem’s Silwan Neighborhood @@@ AIPAC 'Disappointed' @@@ Knesset Passes Sweeping Anti-terrorism Law @@@ High Court Approves Demolition of Homes of Palestinians Who Killed Rabbi @@@ Lieberman's Defense Ministry Takes Harsher Tone, and IDF Better Prepare @@@ Kissinger: 'Not Optimistic' @@@ Only BDS Can Force Israel to Prove It's a Democracy @@@ White House Officials: Funding for Israeli Missile @@@ Nobel Laureate's Love of Israel Has Become a Tormented One @@@ Israel Putting Settlements Before Culture @@@ Susan Rice Promises Israel 'Largest Military Aid Package in U.S. History' @@@ 95% of Gaza water unfit for human use @@@ PA forces assault ex-prisoner’s mother, arrests 6 citizens @@@ 12-year-old Palestinian among several injured in IOF sweep @@@ Israel approves controversial counter-terrorism bill @@@ Palestinian astrophysicist too dangerous with 4682 Facebook friends @@@ Israel leaves Palestinians thirsty @@@ Life sentence for three times against Palestinian prisoner @@@ Army Kidnaps Three Palestinians In Jerusalem, One In Bethlehem @@@ Journalist and human rights defender Hasan Safadi ordered to six months @@@ UN Says Israel May Have Violated International Law by Revoking Palestinian Entry Permits @@@ Tony Greenstein and The Definition of Insanity @@@ “Being a Jew and a Zionist are one and the same” @@@ Statement on Cuomo's Anti-BDS Executive Order @@@ What Drives Palestinian Women Shot @@@ Israeli Court Rules to Keep Palestinian Clown in Jail @@@ Jerusalem Arab Given Three Life Sentences @@@ Palestinian Activist Must Be Jailed @@@ French FM to Netanyahu @@@ Israeli Plan for New Jerusalem @@@ Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Accept Arab Peace @@@ Tony Greenstein: Sayan or an Anti Zionist? @@@ Rabbi Lerner - Master of Compassion or Master of Deceit? @@@ Saudi Arabia ‘pressured’ UN chief for blacklisting Yemen coalition @@@ Germany: Thousands Surround US Air Base To Protest Drone Use @@@ Arab League Head Indefinitely Postpones First Official Visit to Ramallah @@@ Israeli Health Ministry Ignores Arabs in Nutrition Campaigns @@@ Nuclear Secrets and Lies @@@ @@@ Israel kidnapped 215 Palestinian women since October @@@ Gazans Fleeing heat and electricity blackouts @@@ The ten obstacles hindering Palestinian Reconciliation @@@ OCHA: 90,000 Palestinians are still displaced in Gaza @@@ Pro-Israel activists plot against BDS @@@ Latest attacks against Gaza’s fishermen @@@ PLC member Dr. Samir al-Qadi arrested by IOF @@@ Israel removes key sites from Jerusalem’s Old City Map @@@ Israel’s military offensives and siege force Gaza children to work @@@ Israeli police detain 12 undocumented Palestinian workers in Israel @@@ UN says closing Israeli border for 83,000 Palestinians may amount to ‘collective punishment’ @@@ Israel razes home of Palestinian teen accused of killing settler @@@ 49 facts about Israel’s occupation @@@ Hillary Condemns Tel Aviv Attack @@@ UN slams Israel’s punitive measures against Palestinians @@@ Following Tel Aviv Attack, Lieberman Orders Holding of Palestinians Bodies @@@ Under Israeli pressure, FB and Twitter delete Pro-Palestinians content @@@ Palestinian Frustration Leads to the Forming of New, Independent and Ambitious Terror Cells @@@ Journalist and human rights defender Hasan Safadi ordered to six months admin. detention @@@ Israel revokes 83,000 Ramadan travel permits @@@ 250 minors admitted to Ofer prisoner since beginning of 2016 @@@ The Day After Tel Aviv Attack @@@ Israel and Palestine: Breaking the cycle of violence @@@ Israeli forces hold 100 Palestinian high school students @@@ Female doctor in Israeli isolated cell @@@ Four Spanish Cities Retract Support for BDS @@@ Palestinians’ quasi-life @@@ Israeli Arab Party Activists Questioned by Police @@@ PLO: Approval of East Jerusalem settlement construction an ‘insult’ to peace talks @@@ Homemade Gun That’s Firing Up the Terror Wave @@@ Netanyahu, Sisi and zero problems diplomacy Lieberman: Too early to assassinate Haniyah @@@ Palestinian Prisoners Society Jerusalem director arrested by IOF @@@ Israel dismantles EU funded facilities in Jerusalem @@@ Qasrawi was also executed in al-Khalil last March @@@ Palestinians have no land @@@ Pro-BDS Websites Being Targeted @@@ ABSURD PA arrests in response to social media posts @@@ Israeli Soldiers Photographing 20 Palestinian Minors in Hebron @@@ Holding Israel accountable is the only way forward @@@ Netanyahu's Office a Big Funder of Controversial Jerusalem Day Flag March @@@ HRW Calls on ICC to Launch Investigation into Israeli War Crimes @@@ Israeli Bill on Tap to Expropriate Palestinian Land in West Bank @@@ Israel sentences 15-year-old child to 6 years in jail @@@ A Day of Mourning Called Jerusalem Day @@@ Remembering Muhammad Ali @@@ Jewish Congressional Candidate Target of anti-Semitic Attack: 'Fire Up the Oven!' @@@ PCHR Weekly Report @@@ BDS Fight Is Shifting From Campuses and Churches to Statehouses @@@ N.Y. Governor Cuomo Signs Executive Order Against BDS @@@ At Height of U.S. Elections Frenzy, Israeli Ambassador to Address pro-Republican Conference @@@ Turkish Taekwondo Champion Hopes to Fight for Palestine in Rio Olympics @@@ Attack on Palestinian Refugee Camp in Jordan Leaves Five Dead @@@ Video show Israeli troops questioning underage Palestinians @@@ Abbas’s explicit calls for oblivion @@@ Israel Police Expanding Use of Social Media for PR @@@ Israel’s settlement drive is becoming irreversible @@@ Law Restricting Palestinian Family Reunification @@@ Khalida Jarrar Free After 14 Months @@@ Factions: Resistance is our sole option @@@ Palestinian Sentenced to Year in Prison for Facebook Incitement @@@ Israel deports 6 Palestinians to U.S. @@@ WATCH: Islamic Jihad 'cubs' demonstrate killing of IDF soldiers at Gaza kindergarten @@@ May 2016 Report: 471 Palestinians arrested by IOF @@@ Claiming lack of building permits, Israel demolish Palestinian homes @@@ 2 Palestinian journalists arrested by PA forces @@@ Israeli court sentences Palestinian for incitement on Facebook @@@ New Footage in Hebron Shooting @@@ Israel killed 2,079 Palestinian children since 2000 @@@ Spoiler Alert:Netanyahu and Lieberman @@@ Israeli forces kidnap 47 Palestinians in WB, Jerusalem @@@ Moroccan BDS calls on Muslims to boycott Israeli dates during Ramadan @@@ Israeli Woman Says She Lied About Being Raped by Palestinian @@@ New Israeli MK Glick: Muslims’ Conduct Could Lead to Al-Aqsa’s Destruction @@@ Top Jewish Terror Suspect Meir Ettinger Freed From Israeli Detention @@@ Israeli military vehicles cross borderline in southeastern Gaza @@@ Report: Israel plans massive land takeover in Hebron Governorate through bypass road @@@ Will Palestinian-Jordanian confederation see the light? @@@ What they Said about Israel’s attack on Mavi Marmara @@@ Netanyahu: We are willing to negotiate based on the Arab Peace Initiative @@@ Tunisia to host key BDS event in August @@@ Has Lieberman Killed Hamas' Leader Yet?. @@@ In anti-BDS Move, Italy Bringing Huge Academic Delegation to Israel. @@@ Senate proposes increased Israel missile defense spending @@@ Lieberman's Arrival at Defense Ministry Is Black Day for Israel @@@@ Netanyahu Tells U.S. Congressmen: Reconciliation Agreement With Turkey Is Very Close @@@@ Survey: One-third of Americans Support Boycotting Israel In yet another violation of ceasefire, Gaza's fishermen shot and detained *** **** For further info join us ***

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Thousands in Gaza, West Bank rally in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

■ Abbas calls on int'l community to intervene

■ Clashes with Israeli forces

■ Hamas backs strike

Tens on thousands of Palestinians from throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip marched and attended rallies to show

Senator Richard Black visits Syria and tells the truth

Written by Saturday, 15 April 2017 11:14

Hi there, welcome to my new YouTube account. I would just like to say thanks for viewing this video and hope you take a look at the other videos I have uploaded. I would like to make you aware that I hope to become a regular uploader on YouTube and if I have a good amount of subscribers and viewers then I intend to create videos of recent incidents around the globe, specifically those that may be used for propaganda purposes in the mainstream media or those incidents that may not even appear in western media outlets. Until then, I will continue to upload documentaries and videos that I find interesting and may require you to question the world we currently live in.


Written by Monday, 10 April 2017 23:22

Background Every year Palestinians mark the Nakba – “catastrophe” in English – when in 1948 around 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes during the creation of the state of Israel. 500 villages were destroyed in a premeditated campaign, and their inhabitants never allowed to return. Zionist militias,



Written by Friday, 04 December 2015 23:22

Ata Sarasra crunches slowly over the cracked, gray-marbled tiles and ruptured pipes where his kitchen used to be. A week before, Israeli soldiers came to destroy his seven-bedroom home, a day after his son Hazim, 17, blew himself up in a Jerusalem suicide attack that wounded five Israelis.As the 47-year-old father of five balances himself on the debris of his home, he looks tired. He is worn by a week of mourning for his son, "who died a martyr, thank God," and for his house. 


Written by Saturday, 28 November 2015 23:11

Environmental Terrorism Cripples Palestinian Farmers Israeli settlers are hacking down Palestinian olive trees in an act of environmental terrorism aimed at intimidating their Palestinian neighbours and economically crippling many Palestinian farmers who rely on harvesting olives to make a living.


Written by Saturday, 28 November 2015 23:11

Israel prevents Palestinian cancer patients from treatment. Muntzer is 8 years old and from the Gaza Strip. He suffers from Lymphoma, a blood cell tumour developing from lymphatic tissues.Israeli Major General and coordinator of Israeli government activities in the Occupied Palestinian territories,

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